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The master of science in exercise and sport science-human performance is a multidisciplinary program of advanced study in biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor behavior, and sports psychology. The purpose of this program is to give the student a balanced background in the science of human movement and provide skills useful in research and occupational settings.

Graduates are prepared to:
-- conduct applied research in university and corporate settings
-- pursue advanced scholarly study and research related to the four areas of human performance
-- incorporate scientific knowledge of human performance into professions in exercise science and allied health settings.

Graduates are employed in:
-- athletic clubs and health and wellness centers
-- private, industrial, and hospital fitness centers
-- clinical testing centers and laboratories
-- physical performance training centers
-- community and youth sport organizations
-- strength and conditioning programs for athletes
-- sports medicine centers

Prerequisite Courses (or equivalent):

ESS 205 Human Anatomy 3 credits
ESS 206 Human Physiology 3 credits
ESS 302 Physiology of Exercise 2 credits
ESS 303 Biomechanics 2 credits


Thirty-two credits are required in this program. A minimum of 16 credits must be earned in graduate-only level courses. Students select either the thesis or non-thesis option and a minimum of five courses must be completed from Category B.

Category A --Research (12 or 6 credits)
Thesis Option (12 credits)

EFN 730 Introduction to Research 3 credits
EFN 735 Interpretation of Statistical Data 3 credits
ESS 799 Research: Master's Thesis 6 credits

Non-thesis Option (6 credits)

EFN 736 Interpretation of Current Research 3 credits
Select one of the following:
EFN 735 Interpretation of Statistical Data 3 credits
ESS 752 Assessment of Physical Education and Athletics 3 credits

Category B -- Core Requirements (13-15 credits)
Students must complete a minimum of five courses.

ESS 749 Psychological Aspects of Sport 3 credits
ESS 750 Mechanics of Movement 3 credits
ESS 751 Analysis of Movement 3 credits
ESS 761 Lab Techniques in Human Performance -- Biomechanics 2 credits
ESS 762 Laboratory Techniques in Human Performance -- Exercise Physiology 3 credits
ESS 763 Lab Techniques in Human Performance -- Motor Learning 2 credits
ESS 768 Psychomotor Bases of Skilled Performance 3 credits
ESS 770 Physiology of Activity 3 credits

Category C -- *Electives (thesis option -- 7-9 credits)
(non-thesis option -- 13-15 credits)

ESS 605 Physiological Principles of Training Athletes 2 credits
ESS 680 Injury Prevention, Management and Rehabilitation 2 credits
ESS 739 Current Issues in Sport Law 3 credits
ESS 742 Perceptual Motor Development of Children 3 credits
ESS 766 Sports in American Culture 3 credits
ESS 769 Application of Muscle Physiology to Strength/ Power Training 3 credits
ESS 780 Organization and Administration of Adult Fitness and Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs 3 credits
ESS 782 Electrocardiography 3 credits
ESS 783 Graded Exercise Testing and Exercise Prescription 3 credits
ESS 784 Advanced Cardiovascular Physiology 3 credits
ESS 789 Internship: Human Performance 3 credits
**ESS 794 Readings in Sports Psychology 1-3 credits
ESS 795 Independent Study (maximum of 6 credits) 1-3 credits
**ESS 796 Readings in Biomechanics 1-3 credits
**ESS 797 Readings in Exercise Physiology 1-3 credits
**ESS 798 Readings in Motor Learning 1-3 credits
BIO 718 Advanced Human Physiology I 4 credits
BIO 719 Advanced Human Physiology II 4 credits

This catalog is a record of graduate programs, courses, policies, staff and facilities as of April 1, 1997. The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse reserves the right to change any of the information in this catalog at any time and without giving prior notice. This catalog does not establish a contractual relationship. For a further explanation of your rights and responsibilities as a student please see the Welcome and Note to Students section.

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