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AST 450/550 Cr. 3-15
Physics and Astronomy Internship
Full- or part-time work experience in a physics or astronomy related position with a public or
private agency. Not more than 5 credits are applicable to a major or 3 credits to a minor in physics. A written application, departmental acceptance, and appointment with adviser must be completed before registration. Prerequisites: minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 (2.50 in physics), PHY 104 or 204 plus six credits in physics or astronomy courses above 204 level. (Cross listed with PHY, may only earn credit in AST or PHY.)
AST 453/553 Cr. 1-3
Topics in Physics and Astronomy
Various subjects of interest to specific groups will be offered on occasion. Specific sub-topics will be assigned each time the course is offered. Such titles might be physical applications of group
theory, nuclear physics, cosmic-ray physics, holography, acoustics, archeoastronomy, advanced experimental physics for school teachers or other areas of current interest. Prerequisite: PHY 104 or 204 or equivalent. Repeatable for credit under different sub-titles. (Cross listed with PHY; may only earn credit in AST or PHY.)
AST 466/666 Cr. 3
General Relativity and Cosmology
General relativity is the name given to the theory of gravitation developed by Albert Einstein. Topics will include tensor analysis, Einstein field equations and their solution, the search for gravitational waves and an introduction to quantization of the gravitational field. The course will also study how the Einstein field equations lead to the prediction of black holes and the big bang. The course will also discuss the work of physicists such as Stephen Hawking via the study of naked singularities, cosmic censorship hypothesis, black hole evaporation and the arrow of time. This course is also especially suitable for mathematics students. Prerequisites: PHY 104 or 204, MTH 309 and 310. (Cross listed with PHY; may only earn credit in AST or PHY.)

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