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RDG 320/520 Cr. 3
Emergent Literacy

The focus of this course is on developing preservice and inservice teachers' knowledge and competencies in supporting the emergent literacy of young children in prekindergarten, kindergarten, and primary grade settings. The development of children's language concepts will be examined and will serve as a basis for planning an integrated reading and language arts curriculum. Alternative assessments and evaluation of literacy development will also be examined. Prerequisite: RDG 324/524.

RDG 324/524 Cr. 3
Elementary Level Reading

This foundation course in teaching reading introduces the prospective teacher to current instructional strategies and materials used to teach reading at the elementary level. Prerequisites: junior standing and admission to teacher education.

RDG 328/528 Cr. 3
Reading in the Content Areas

This course is designed to help prospective and practicing secondary-level teachers guide students to more effectively comprehend assigned reading, use writing as a tool for learning, develop better study habits, and expand their reading interests. Prerequisite: admission to teacher education.

RDG 330/530 Cr. 2
Reading in Performance Based Content Areas

This course is designed for students seeking teacher certification in physical education, music or art and for practicing teachers who wish to extend their knowledge of literacy in performance based content areas. Open only to ESS, ART and MUS education majors.

RDG 432/632 Cr. 3
Middle Level Reading

An examination of developmentally appropriate reading/language arts instruction for the middle level (grades 5-9). The course focuses on 1) reading/writing instruction which is consistent with the middle school philosophy and addresses the needs of the young adolescent; 2) organization, management, instructional practices and assessment of reading and writing; and 3) interdisciplinary thematic instruction. Prerequisite: RDG 324/524 or RDG 328/528.

RDG 450/650 Cr. 3
Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum: Learning to Learn from Text

Students will learn how to implement components of the nationally validated "Content Field Reading Program" of Kalispell, Montana. The program emphasizes how content field teachers can help students read, study and learn from text. The course is designed for content teachers (grades 4-12) and middle school, junior high, and senior high reading specialists.

RDG 475/675 Cr. 1-3
Special Topics Seminar in Reading Education

Special topics in reading not covered by current reading courses. The particular topic selected to be determined by current need and interest. Prerequisite: RDG 324/524 or 328/528. Repeatable for credit -- maximum 6.

RDG 710 Cr. 3
Seminar: Reading and Language Arts in the Middle School

This course includes current theories of language learning with a focus on the reading and writing development of middle level children, the relationship of these theories to the middle school philosophy, their application in reading and language arts classrooms in the middle school, and the integration of language theory and practice across the curriculum. Prerequisite: RDG 324/524 or 328/528 or 330/530 or equivalent. Offered Sem. I and/or Summer Session.

RDG 730 Cr. 3
Remedial Reading

Examination of factors associated with underachievement in reading, introduction to basic principles of diagnosis and remediation, and exploration of remedial resources at the elementary and secondary level. Prerequisite: RDG 324/ 524 or 328/528 or 330/530 or 741. Offered Sem. I.

RDG 733 Cr. 3
Advanced Diagnosis in Reading

Analysis of reading difficulties, including selection, administration, and interpretation of group and individual diagnostic instruments and procedures, development of diagnostic reports, and field experiences in the diagnosis of reading difficulties. Prerequisite: RDG 730. Offered Summer Session, odd-numbered years and Sem. II, even-numbered years.

RDG 735 Cr. 3
Developing Content Reading Programs

Designed to prepare classroom teachers and reading specialists for leadership and collaborative efforts in K-12 content reading program development. Methods and materials for K-12 content reading instruction and program development reflecting current research on concept development, strategic reading and learning, interdisciplinary instruction and peer coaching. Prerequisites: teacher certification and RDG 328/528 or 450/650. Offered Summer Session.

RDG 739 Cr. 3
Guiding and Directing the K-12 Reading Program

This course is designed to provide study of and experiences in leading and working cooperatively with teachers, administrators, pupils, and parents in the design, implementation, coordination, and evaluation of comprehensive K-12 reading programs. Prerequisite: 15 credits of graduate level course work in reading. Offered Sem. II.

RDG 740 Cr. 3
Whole Language: Theory and Practice
This course will provide students with the opportunity to experience, explore, and develop a theoretical and philosophical framework which supports the integrated teaching of language. Students will consider their own growth as readers and writers, as well as the use of whole language in the classroom. Prerequisites: RDG 324/524 or 328/528 or 330/530 or equivalent. Offered at least once a year.

RDG 741 Cr. 3
Reading in the Elementary School

In-depth examination of reading instruction from emergent literacy through the elementary grades. This course addresses current theories and methods and provides direction for program development. Offered Summer Session, even-numbered years and Sem. II, odd years.

RDG 747 Cr. 3
Reading Practicum
A supervised practicum in teaching elementary or secondary students with reading difficulties. Focus on assessment of reader's strengths and needs and the design and implementation of instruction to assist students in becoming better readers. Prerequisite: three credits in reading at the 700 level or SPE 420/520 or equivalent experience. Offered Summer Session.

RDG 761 Cr. 2
Seminar Paper

Completion of an acceptable seminar paper under the direction of an assigned staff member. Prerequisites: RDG 762 or concurrent enrollment. (Cross listed with C-I and EFN; may only earn credit in RDG or C-I or EFN.)

RDG 762 Cr. 3
Reading Theory and Research

Critical analysis and application of inquiry methods as they apply to theory-building and research on literacy acquisition and development. Prerequisites: RDG 328/528, 730, 733, 741. Offered Sem. I.

RDG 765 Cr. 2-3
Factors Related to Reading Performance

The purpose of this course is to examine current research and theory related to selected factors that appear to influence students' reading performance and to seek implications from this work for reading education and classroom practice. Keystone of the course is the University of Wisconsin Reading Symposium which is held in Milwaukee. At this two-day conference, students will be able to extend their knowledge base and exchange ideas with researchers-scholars and reading practitioners-specialists from across the country. All readings, discussions, and class presentations will relate to the cluster of factors identified for consideration at the Milwaukee symposium. Repeatable for credit -- maximum 6. Offered Summer Session.

RDG 770 Cr. 1-3
Symposium in Reading Education

Studies in reading education of interest to specific groups. Varying topics will be offered at intervals with a specific title assigned to each. Repeatable for credit -- maximum 6.

RDG 780 Cr. 1-2
Field Experience in K-12 Reading Programs

An intensive and diverse professional experience in a school system (a minimum of 60 hours per credit) under supervision of an experienced reading specialist or other person responsible for the school reading program, and a university super-visor. Prerequisite: 15 credits of 500-700 level course work or equivalent. Repeatable for credit -- maximum 2.

RDG 781 Cr. 3
Educational Supervision

Exploration of the nature and scope of responsibilities of areas in educational supervision. Special emphasis will be given to the improvement of instruction and curriculum development through the study of interpersonal relations. (Cross listed with C-I and EDM; may only earn credit in RDG or C-I or EDM.) Offered Summer Session.

RDG 796 Cr. 1-2
Independent Study in Reading
Directed readings or presentation of material not available in formal departmental courses under the supervision of an assigned staff member. Repeatable for credit -- maximum 4. (Cross listed with C-I, EFN and EDM; may only earn 4 credits total in RDG, C-I, EFN, and EDM.)

RDG 799 Cr. 3-6
Master's Thesis

Completion of an acceptable thesis under the direction of an assigned staff member. Prerequisite: RDG 762 or concurrent registration.

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