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Student Services

Career Services

The Career Services Office, located on the second floor of Wilder Hall, assists students and alumni in identifying their career options, and in developing job search strategies which can lead to meaningful employment. Many resources are available to assist in this process: experienced staff members, a Career Resource Center, and an outstanding cooperative education/internship program. Workshops on writing resumes and letters, interviewing for jobs, developing job campaigns, and other career-related topics are offered on an ongoing basis.

Career Services publishes two vacancy bulletins; "Eagle Opportunities" and "Career Currents" which list current positions available according to job categories. Bulletins from other post-secondary institutions are provided in the Career Resource Center to assure a wide range of job vacancy information. The Career Services Office also offers a computerized job nomination service for students and alumni.

Representatives from business, industry, government and education conduct on- campus recruiting interviews for graduating students. For these interviews and for off-campus interview opportunities, the office maintains and mails credentials, although self-credentialling is encouraged. The Career Services Office also maintains a list of alumni and various community leaders who are willing to provide advice about career opportunities.

All students are encouraged to explore these resources. It is recommended that students complete Career Services registration materials the semester preceding graduation. Alumni and others are welcome to inquire about services appropriate to their needs.

Counseling and Testing Services

The staff of the Counseling and Testing Center help UW-L students be more effective in their academic work, personal life and their relationships with other people. This may involve changing self-defeating behaviors, understanding uncomfortable feelings, and enhancing their own personal strengths. Counseling Center services are based on the belief that UW-L students have the ability to build a greater sense of self-confidence, manage stress and anxiety, develop and maintain significant relationships, choose a satisfying college major, make good decisions for the future, create a healthy lifestyle, and increase feelings of self-esteem.

Counseling Center services are available free of charge to currently enrolled students. Newly admitted (accepted) students may use the Academic Discovery Lab on a space available basis. University employees qualify for the assessment and referral services of the Employee Assistance Program. Schedules permitting, non-UW-L students may use the fee-based career assessment service offered to the La Crosse community.

The staff consists of psychologists, counselors, counselor associates, program assistants, and supervised professionals- in-training. Staff members have considerable experience in working with college students and use various short-term methods of individual and group counseling to help students achieve their goals.

The Counseling and Testing Center is located on the first floor of Wilder Hall. Students may schedule an appointment with the receptionist at 785-8073. Center hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Time is reserved each day for walk-in appointments for students who need immediate assistance.

Information shared in counseling sessions is confidential in accordance with Wisconsin statutes. Counseling records, tests, and related information do not become part of a student's official university record, and services used are not noted on official transcripts. The center is accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services.

Services provided by the Counseling and Testing Center include:

- Crisis intervention
- Individual counseling
- Group counseling
- Career testing
- Academic Discovery Lab
- Psychological testing
- National testing
- Test anxiety and study skills assistance
- Alcohol and drug abuse programs
- Reach and Share presentations
- Biofeedback clinic


Disability Services -

Students With Special Needs

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is committed to providing equal educational opportunities for all students. Students with disabilities on our campus are offered a variety of services to insure that both facilities and programs are accessible. The Disability Resource Services Office assists students in obtaining reasonable accommodations at the university.

In 1988, the Wisconsin Board of Regents passed an important non-discrimination policy for students with disabilities who attend the University of Wisconsin System schools. This policy mandates that students with disabilities will receive the accommodations necessary for them to have equal access to educational opportunities and programs in the integrated or main-streaming setting.

Any student at UW-L who has a physical, sensory, emotional, or learning disability should meet with personnel from the Disability Resource Services Office during his/her first semester on campus. Students should contact personnel at the office immediately after acceptance into the university.

All classroom buildings have elevators, entrance ramps and at least one accessible rest room for students using wheelchairs. Academic accommodations are arranged on an individual basis between the student and the instructor in consultation with the office staff. Students with disabilities may be eligible for services such as: taped textbooks, classroom note takers, test accommodations, priority registration, equipment loan, peer support groups and advising. Disability Resource Services Office is located in 165 Murphy Library, (608)785-8535.

Food Service

Snack bars, vending machines, catering, and other food services are available in Cartwright Center. Contract board service is provided in Whitney Center. Food service is only available when the university is in session. Further information may be obtained from Student Activities and Centers, 212 Cartwright Center, (608)785-8888.

Health Service

The Student Health Center provides medical, nursing, and physical therapy services to all full-time students registered at UW-L. Along with providing high quality out-patient and urgent care, and the prevention of illness or injury, the Student Health Center staff places a high priority on patient education to help students manage their own health care and learn how to interact with the medical system.

The staff consists of a director, three Board Certified physicians, a certified nurse practitioner, four registered nurses with

certification in college health nursing, two physical therapists who are also certified althletic trainers, a physical therapist's assistant, a medical lab technologist, a health information manager, and office staff. The Health Center staff is experienced in working with the health care needs of college students and are dedicated to providing high quality care and assistance.

Services are available to all students who are registered for a minimum of seven credits each semester. The student health fee is automatically included in the full-time student fee statement. Students enrolled for six credits or less may also use the Health Center if they pay the student health fee. Students are required to show their UW-L picture ID card every time they visit the Health Center.

Students are seen on an appointment basis on weekdays when school is in session between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Appointments can be scheduled by calling the Student Health Center receptionist desk at (608)785-8558. Urgent care is available on a walk-in basis when the Health Center is open. Students who need emergency medical care when the Health Center is closed should go to the emergency department or walk-in clinic of either La Crosse hospital.

Students are not required to have insurance to receive care at the Health Center. Payment of student fees covers this cost. However, students are strongly encouraged to obtain supplemental hospital-accident insurance to cover such expenses as hospitalization, emergency services, specialist care, X-rays, pharmacy, and ambulance transport. These costs are not covered by the student health fee. If coverage is available through a family plan, students are urged to have the name of the insurance carrier and policy/subscriber numbers available. For those students not covered under family policies, a supplemental insurance plan is available through the university. Information brochures and applications will be mailed to students at their home address in early August or may be obtained at the Student Health Center.

All information in a student's health record is entirely confidential and is not released to anyone without the student's written consent. Students may schedule an appointment to review their medical records.

Services provided by the Student Health Center include:

- Outpatient treatment on an appointment basis
- Urgent care on a walk-in basis during regular office hours
- Minor surgical procedures requiring only local anesthesia
- Gynecological and reproductive services
- Allergy injections with written orders supplied by student's personal  physician
- Laboratory services, some with a minimal charge
- HIV testing and counseling
- Physical therapy sessions and orthopedic equipment loans


Because the university residence halls are non-apartment style with two individuals to each room and centrally located bathrooms on each floor, most graduate students elect to live off campus. Baird Hall has been reserved for unmarried upperclass, graduate, and international students; single rooms are not available in Baird Hall. A kitchen on each floor is provided and the university meal plan is optional. Baird Hall is open during the break period and residents may stay in the hall for an additional charge.

On-campus housing fills very quickly. Students who are interested in this housing option should contact the Office of Residence Life immediately after being accepted.

No university-owned housing is provided for married students. The Office of Residence Life does work closely with local landlords and rental agencies in compiling a list of apartments and rental spaces available off campus. The computerized list is updated weekly and available at a cost of fifty cents plus mailing costs. To obtain a copy of this list, call (608)785-8076. The Office of Residence Life is located on the second floor of Wilder Hall.

International Student Adviser

The international student adviser is located in the Office of International Education, 116 Main Hall. This adviser plays an important role in assisting new international students in their adjustment to UW-La Crosse and life in the United States. Although a primary function is advising students on the many issues that may affect their stay, the Office of International Education and the international student adviser provide other important services:

- pre-arrival information containing details about transportation and arrival, health insurance, housing, life in La Crosse, and orientation.

- orientation programs, scheduled each semester before classes, to acquaint new students with university academics, facilities, and procedures, life in La Crosse, money and banking, immigration laws, and campus and community organizations.

- administration of Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) regulations in areas such as work authorization, transfer of schools, practical training authorization, and extension of stay.

- referral services to other university offices and community agencies.

The international student adviser serves as a liaison with other organizations that provide international students various opportunities to meet and interact with people from UW-L and the La Crosse community. Two of these organizations are the International Student Organization (ISO) and La Crosse Friends of International Students (LFIS).

Legal Aid Services

The Student Association annually contracts with local attorneys to help students who need legal advice. By contacting the Office of Student Life, (608)785-8062, students can make appointments to see an attorney on campus. All information between attorney and student is kept confidential. It should be noted that legal service is limited to advice, not court appearances.

Office of Multicultural Student Services

The primary goals of the Office of Multicultural Student Services (OMSS) are to increase the undergraduate and graduate enrollment of American minority and disadvantaged students, to improve the quality of their educational and social experience, and to increase the number of graduates. To accomplish these objectives, the OMSS sponsors retention services, such as tutoring and academic early intervention, and other special academic support programs and services. The OMSS also sponsors numerous cultural events, supports minority student organizations, promotes community outreach efforts, consults and holds joint programming sessions with support services offices, and encourages staff and faculty involvement in minority student assistance programs. In addition, the OMSS staff counsels students on financial, academic, postgraduate, and personal matters. For further information, contact the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, 243 Main Hall, (608)785-8225. Information may also be obtained at the web site:

Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life staff strive to serve as advocates to promote the interest of students within the university. Its goal is to help facilitate student success by maximizing the use of the services available and to intervene on students' behalf when requested and appropriate. Staff are prepared to address the following issues:

- social and academic integration (new student orientation)

- advising and referral of students who experience personal crises

- investigation of student complaints (ombuds role)

- advocacy and advisement for returning adult students (non-traditional aged)

The Office of Student Life is also designated with the responsibility of enforcing the various conduct codes on campus and for publishing the Eagle Eye student handbook. Students who experience harassment or discrimination or have questions regarding their rights and responsibilities, should visit the Office of Student Life for confidential advice and guidance. In addition, we can provide mediation services to students who may experience interpersonal conflict(s) and are interested in working toward resolution. The Office of Student Life is located in 149 Main Hall, (608)785-8062.

Student Disciplinary Procedures

In January 1976, the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents adopted as administrative code, Chapter UWS 17, which included both non-academic and academic disciplinary procedures for the University System. In 1989, the Board of Regents separated these procedures by adopting an administrative code, Chapter UWS 14, which covers academic misconduct. A revised Chapter UWS 17 continues to cover non-academic misconduct. The procedures in both Chapters 14 and 17 describe the actions which the university may take in response to student misconduct; they define the academic and non-academic conduct which is prohibited; and they outline the procedures which are to be used to resolve allegations of misconduct. At several specified points in those system-wide procedures, the Board of Regents either directed or allowed each institution to adopt definitions or procedures which may be unique to individual universities, but which are consistent with the system-wide guidelines.

The wording of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse student disciplinary procedures is identical to that in UWS 14 and UWS 17 as adopted by the Board of Regents. Copies of UWS 14 and 17 are readily available at the Office of Student Life, 149 Main. The UW-La Crosse Eagle Eye policies tabloid has diagrams illustrating the procedures a student and the university may follow in implementing these disciplinary guidelines. Also included in the Eagle Eye is UWS Chapter 18 entitled "Conduct on University Lands." This chapter describes parking regulations and other prohibited behavior. The Eagle Eye may be reviewed electronically at


Asian, Latina, African, Native American (ALANA)

provides social, academic, and political support to women of ALANA descent. ALANA encourages academic excellence, social outlets, and educates members on campus, community, and national issues.

Asian Student Organization (ASO)

is an association for students of Asian descent. The primary function of ASO is to provide individual and group support to Asian students. In addition, this organization conducts programs to inform the campus and community about Asian cultures.

Association of African Students

strives to raise campus awareness about African issues and cultures. It also provides an opportunity for different cultures to form friendships and cooperation based on respect and mutual independence.

Black Student Unity (BSU)

is a multicultural organization designed to promote awareness of national issues through a variety of formats to foster survival, success, and development of students.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Organization

provides a community for gay, lesbian, and bisexual students and friends. Activities include socials, educational programs, and discussion groups.

Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

is a recognized university student organization for all graduate students. The organization sponsors various professional activities, an annual graduate student/faculty reception, and represents graduate students on UW-L governing bodies. GSO holds library sessions for graduate research and plans workshops and seminars on research writing.

International Student Organization (ISO)

is a recognized university student organization that offers membership to U.S. and international students, as well as interested non-student members. ISO sponsors an International Awareness Week and an International Banquet. Other social events and activities are scheduled throughout the year.

La Crosse Friends of International Students (LFIS)

is a community organization which is actively involved with the international students at UW-L. The group organizes cultural and social events, excursions, and other activities. It sponsors a Friendship Family program which arranges for arrival greeting, temporary housing, as well as community interaction for new and continuing international students. For further information, contact the International Student Adviser in 116 Main Hall, (608)785-8921.

La Crosse Native American Student Association

strives to unify all Native American students in the La Crosse area, promote awareness of Native American cultures, and promote survival of all Native American cultures.

Latin American Student Organization

serves as a catalyst to create awareness of the Latino culture in the United States and on the UW-L campus. Students learn about their heritage through a variety of cultural and social activities while providing support for a diverse Latino population.

Returning Adult Student Organization (RASO)

promotes, within the community, the interest of students who have interrupted their education and are now resuming it. It provides social opportunities, mutual encouragement, and support for academic success.

Student Friends of Women's Studies

works to create educational programs related to the promotion of gender and racial harmony with an emphasis on women's issues. It is also an outreach organization which will provide a vital link between the Women's Studies Department and the student body as a whole, and from the student body to the greater community.

Students Advocating Potential Ability

is a group of disabled and non-disabled students committed to awareness of dis-ability concerns. Through listening, learning, and personal commitment, members strive to inform and interest others on campus and in the community about relevant disability issues.

This catalog is a record of graduate programs, courses, policies, staff and facilities as of April 1, 1997. The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse reserves the right to change any of the information in this catalog at any time and without giving prior notice. This catalog does not establish a contractural relationship. For a further explanation of your rights and responsibilities as a student please see the Welcome and Note to Students section.

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