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The Special Education programs at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse are designed to prepare teachers of students identified as emotionally disturbed and/or learning disabled. Full-time students may complete requirements for both emotional disturbance and learning disabilities certification (multicategorical.) Students completing this program earn a master of science in education degree and are eligible for Wisconsin certification to teach at elementary school (K-9) or secondary school (6-12) levels. In addition, students may elect to become certified at the elementary level and at the secondary level resulting in K-12 certification.

Program Admission

The following are required for admission to graduate studies (master's or certification program) in the Special Education program: a) a bachelor's degree; b) certifiability as a teacher; c) prior completion of student teaching or equivalent at the elementary or secondary level; d) unconditional admission to graduate study; e) completion of the Graduate Record Exam or the Miller Analogies Test; f) completion of the special education application materials; and g) an admission committee interview. All admissions material must be submitted one week prior to the admission interview. Interviews are held in December and May of each year.

Program Course Work

Required graduate course work for completion of programs leading to certification in learning disabilities and emotional disturbance at the elementary and secondary levels are identified below:

PSY 752 Assessment and Remediation: Learning and Behavior Problems I 3 credits
PSY 753 Assessment and Remediation: Learning and Behavior Problems II 3 credits
SPE 424/524 Classroom and Behavior Management 3 credits
SPE 431/531 Language Development and Disorders 3 credits
SPE 440/540 Collaboration with Parents, Community Agencies and Teachers 2 credits
SPE 445/545 Relating K-12 Schooling to Life: Careers, Work and Community Living 2 credits
SPE 716 Teachers and the Law 3 credits

Emotional Disturbance

Required courses

PSY 717 Behavior Disorders in Children 3 credits
SPE 428/528 Assessment Methods and Curriculum for Children with Behavior Disorders 3 credits
SPE 781 Practicum in Emotional Disturbance: Elementary (master's) 3-6 credits
(certification only) 2 credits
SPE 783 Practicum in Emotional Disturbance: Secondary (master's) 3-6 credits
(certification only) 2 credits
SPE 785 Seminar in Application of Curriculum and Methods in Emotional Disturbance 2 credits

Learning Disabilities

Required courses

SPE 420/520 Learning Disabilities Theory, Assessment and Intervention 3 credits
SPE 782 Practicum in Learning Disabilities: Elementary (master's) 3-6 credits
(certification only) 2 credits

SPE 784 Practicum in Learning Disabilities: Secondary (master's) 3-6 credits
(certification only) 2 credits
SPE 786 Seminar in Application of Curriculum and Methods in Learning Disabilities 2 credits
RDG 730 Remedial Reading 3 credits

Emotional Disturbance and Learning Disabilities

Students who desire to become certified in Emotional Disturbance and Learning Disabilities must take the required courses for both areas listed above.

Certification at the Secondary Level --

Students seeking certification at the secondary level must, in addition to the previous course work, complete the following courses in learning disabilities and/or emotional disturbance respectfully:

Learning Disabilities: Secondary Level

SPE 755 Methods and Curriculum for Secondary Learning Disabilities: 3 credits

Emotional Disturbance: Secondary Level

SPE 756 Methods and Curriculum for Behavior Disordered Students in Secondary Schools 3 credits

Elective Courses

Courses are to be selected on advisement from electives listed below:

C-I 620 Computers in Education 3 credits
C-I 742 Curriculum in the Elementary School 3 credits
C-I 744 Seminar in Teaching Mathematics 1-3 credits
C-I 746 Seminar in Teaching Language Arts 1-3 credits
C-I 749 Effective Communication in the Classroom 1-3 credits
EFN 622 Introduction to Reality Therapy 1-3 credits
EFN 721 Responsible Behavior: A Reality Therapy Approach 1-3 credits
EFN 723 Motivation through Communication: A Reality Therapy Approach 1-3 credits
EFN 737 Guidance Foundations in Education 2-3 credits
ESS 742 Perceptual Motor Development of Children 3

Research Requirement
In addition to the course work, graduate students are required to complete a research paper and an oral defense of the research paper.

SPE 761 Research and Seminar in Special Education 2credits
SPE 799 Research: Master's Thesis max. 6credit

This catalog is a record of graduate programs, courses, policies, staff and facilities as of April 1, 1995. The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse reserves the right to change any of the information in this catalog at any time and without giving prior notice. This catalog does not establish a contractural relationship. For a further explanation of your rights and responsibilities as a student please see the Welcome and Note to Students section.

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