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Course Descriptions

CHE 453/553  Cr.1 - 3

Cultural Issues in Health Ed: Ethnic, Racial, Religious and Familial Groups

A study of cultural influences on health and illness. Values and attitudes held by different groups in America's pluralistic society need to be considered in health program planning. Various racial, ethnic, and religious groups' health beliefs and practices will be examined. Cultural influences and patterns of communication within cultures and how these affect health care and utilization of services will be identified. The U.S. health care system will be analyzed in terms of servicing its culturally diverse population. Designed for health professionals, this course will increase their sensitivity in working with people of various cultural origins. Repeatable for credit — maximum 3. Slash course CHE 453/553.   Offered Occasionally.

CHE 460/560  Cr.1

Medical Terminology for Health Education

Skill development for working with the special language used in clinics, hospitals, and other health agencies. Students in various health fields will learn to use medically related terms in their professional communication. Prerequisite: ESS 205, 206 or BIO 312, 313. Slash course CHE 460/560.   Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

CHE 465/565  Cr.1

Health Education Marketing

Designed for health educators, this course provides a survey of marketing concepts as applied to health education programs. Marketing as part of the health planning and evaluation process will be discussed. Marketing strategies for both public agencies and private businesses will be presented. Prerequisite: CHE 240. Slash course CHE 465/565.   Offered Occasionally.

CHE 466/566  Cr.1 - 3

Worksite Health Promotion

This course will focus on building an understanding of the components necessary for successful worksite health promotion. Included will be the development, implementation, and evaluation of worksite health promotion programs. There will be a direct emphasis on actual worksite conditions and situations, including constraints and advantages. The course will examine the relationship of a worksite health promotion program to the organization as a whole and the potential benefits for both the employee and the employer. Repeatable for credit - maximum one. Slash course CHE 466/566.   Offered Occasionally.

CHE/SHE 475/575  Cr.1 - 3

Workshop in Health Education

Group study of varying health education topics, community agencies, and educational institutions. Prerequisite: permission of adviser and instructor. Repeatable for credit under different subtitles — maximum 6 credits combined CHE/SHE. (Cross-listed with SHE). Departmental option for Pass/Fail grading. Slash course CHE/SHE 475/575.   Offered Occasionally.

CHE  780  Cr.1 - 8

Community Health Education Preceptorship

Professional experience for graduate students in a variety of community health education and public health settings interacting with diverse populations for a semester or summer session. The candidate works under faculty supervision with a professional in health education and/or health promotion who serves as a mentor. Distinct health educator areas of responsibility are addressed. Repeatable for credit — maximum 8 credits.   Offered Fall, Spring, Summer.