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Course Descriptions

ECE 380/580  Cr.1 - 3

Developing Creative Activities for Young Children

This course is designed to assist preservice and in-service teachers in the development of creative thinking challenges and activities for use with children in prekindergarten through third grade. Theories of creativity and multiple intelligences will be examined and used as the foundation for lesson designs. Prerequisite: PSY 370 or teaching experience. Repeatable for credit — maximum 6. Slash course ECE 380/580.   Offered Fall, Spring.

ECE 490/590  Cr.2

Seminar: Relationships with Children, Families and Professional

A seminar course for students completing the early childhood education minor. This course focuses on the teacher as decision maker and the use of multiple sources of knowledge in professional practice; knowledge of child development and learning, knowledge of individual children, and knowledge of social and cultural contexts. Course topics include: reciprocal relationships with families and professionals, individual variations in development and learning, observation and assessment strategies, theories and approaches to guidance, and promoting family and community involvement. To be taken concurrently with ECE 400 and 401. Prerequisite: ECE 324/524, 326/526, 327/527, 430/530, and admission to teacher education. Slash course ECE 490/590.   Offered Fall, Spring.