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Course Descriptions

POL 443/543  Cr.3

Introduction to International Political Risk

An introduction to the international political, social, economic, and cultural environment for international operations. The approach is multidisciplinary, focusing on the nature of the international system, analysis of the nation-state, and the problems of operations in this environment, focusing on political risks to operational success. Prerequisite: POL 101 or 102 and junior standing. Slash course POL 443/543.   Offered Occasionally.

POL 495/595  Cr.1 - 3


Discussion and reading in the student's area of concentration in a seminar situation. Prerequisite: senior standing and 15 credits in political science. Repeatable for credit — maximum 6. Each repetition is to be with a different instructor. Slash course POL 495/595.   Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

POL 496/596  Cr.2 - 3

Honors Seminar

Discussion and reading in a seminar format and writing of a superior paper or project. Prerequisite: 21 credits in political science or public administration, senior standing, and either a political science honors program candidate or a cumulative grade point average of 3.25 in political science, or graduate standing. Repeatable for credit - maximum 2. Slash course POL 496/596.   Offered Fall, Spring.

POL 498/598  Cr.2 - 3

Honors/Graduate Reading and Research in Political Science

Directed honors or graduate reading and research from reading lists under the supervision of the candidate's faculty adviser. Designed to prepare the honors candidate for the terminal examination. Prerequisite: senior standing and an honors program candidate or graduate standing. Repeatable for credit - maximum 2. Slash course POL 498/598.   Offered Fall, Spring.