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College of Business Administration

College of Liberal Studies

College of Science and Health

Office of University Graduate Studies

College of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
   Director-Martina J. Skobic (mskobic@uwlax.edu)
   138 W Carl Wimberly Hall
   (608) 785-8371 

College of Liberal Studies

Master of Science in Education (MSED) 
Education Specialist (EDS)
   School Psychology   
   Director-Robert Dixon (rdixon@uwlax.edu)
   349A Graff Main Hall
   (608) 785-6893

Master of Science in Education (MSED)  
   Student Affairs Administration-Higher Education
   Director-Jodie Rindt (jrindt@uwlax.edu)
   345 Morris Hall
   (608) 785-6869

   Special Education (currently not accepting new students)
   Director-Carol Angell (cangell@uwlax.edu)
   300A Morris Hall
   (608) 785-8135

Master of Education-Professional Development On-Campus (ME-PD)
   Initial Certification (currently not accepting new students)
   Director-Gary Willhite (gwillhite@uwlax.edu)
   300B Morris Hall
   (608) 785-8130

Master of Education-Professional Development Off-Campus Learning Community (ME-PD) 
   Director-Pat Markos (pmarkos@uwlax.edu)
   267 Morris Hall
   (608) 785-5087 

College of Science and Health

Master of Science (MS)
   Biology - Nurse Anesthetist
   Biology - Aquatic Science     
   Biology - Cellular & Molecular
   Biology - Physiology
   Director-Thomas Volk (tvolk@uwlax.edu)
   3024 Cowley Hall
   (608) 785-6972

   Biology – Clinical Microbiology
   Biology – Microbiology
   Director-Michael Hoffman (mhoffman@uwlax.edu)
   3023 Cowley Hall
   (608) 785-6984

Occupational Therapy
   Director-Peggy Denton (pdenton@uwlax.edu)
   4049 Health Science Center
   (608) 785-8303

Physician Assistant Studies
   Interim Director-Sandra Sieck (ssieck@uwlax.edu)
   4050 Health Science Center
   (608) 785-6621

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) 
   Director-Michelle Thorman (mthorman@uwlax.edu)
   4063 Health Science Center, (608) 785-8466

Master of Software Engineering (MSE)
   Director-Kasilingam Periyasamy (kperiyasmy@uwlax.edu)
   222 Wing Technology
   (608) 785-6823

Master of Science (MS)
   Clinical Exercise Physiology 
   Director-John Porcari (jporcari@uwlax.edu)
   141 Mitchell Hall
   (608) 785-8684

   Exercise and Sport Science
   Human Performance         
   Director--Glenn Wright (gwright@uwlax.edu)
   137 Mitchell Hall
   (608) 785-8689

   Sport Administration (beginning Fall 2013)
   Director--Brian Gordon (bgordon@uwlax.edu)
   139 Mitchell Hall
   (608) 785-8188

   Adapted/Special Physical Education Emphasis
   Director--Garth Tymeson (gtymeson@uwlax.edu)
   131 Mitchell Hall
   (608) 785-5415

   Physical Education Teaching
   Adventure/Outdoor Pursuits Emphasis
   Director-Jeffrey Steffen (jsteffen@uwlax.edu)
   218 Mitchell Hall
   (608) 785-6535

Master of Science (MS)
   Community Health Education
   Director-Gary Gilmore (ggilmore@uwlax.edu)
   201 Mitchell Hall
   (608) 785-8163

   School Health Education
   Director-Tracy Caravella (tcaravella@uwlax.edu)
   202 Mitchell Hall
   (608) 785-6788

Master of Public Health (MPH)
   Community Health Education
   Director-Gary Gilmore (ggilmore@uwlax.edu)
   201 Mitchell Hall
   (608) 785-8163

Master of Science (MS)
   Recreation Management
   Therapeutic Recreation 
   Director-Jearold Holland (jholland@uwlax.edu)
   2052 Health Science Center
   (608) 785-8214

Medical Dosimetry
    Director-Nishele Lenards (nlenards@uwlax.edu)
    4033 Health Science Center
   (608) 785-6622

Mathematics Certificate Program    
   1001 Cowley Hall
   (608) 785-8668 

Office of University Graduate Studies

Director of Graduate Studies
   Robert Hoar
   220 Morris Hall
   (608) 785-8159
   www.uwlax.edu/graduate ;