RDG       105                                                                                                                                     Cr. 2

Developmental Reading

A course designed to increase reading efficiency by emphasizing improvement in reading comprehension, rate, and vocabulary. Attention is also given to selected study skills including notetaking, test-taking, and listening. Enjoyment of reading is stressed. Textbook purchase required.


RDG       320/520                                                                                                                             Cr. 3

Emergent Literacy

The focus of this course is on developing preservice and inservice teachers’ knowledge and competencies in supporting the emergent literacy of young children in prekindergarten, kindergarten, and primary grade settings. The development of children’s language concepts will be examined and will serve as a basis for planning an integrated reading and language arts curriculum. Alternative assessments and evaluation of literacy development will also be examined. Prerequisite: RDG 324. Offered occasionally.


RDG       324/524                                                                                                                             Cr. 3

Elementary Level Reading

This foundation course in teaching reading introduces the prospective teacher to current instructional strategies and materials used to teach reading at the kindergarten through middle level. Prerequisites: junior standing and admission to teacher education.


RDG       328/528                                                                                                                             Cr. 3

Reading in the Content Areas

This course is designed to help prospective and practicing secondary-level teachers guide students to more effectively comprehend assigned reading, use writing as a tool for learning, develop better study habits, and expand their reading interests. Prerequisite: admission to teacher education.


RDG       330/530                                                                                                                             Cr. 2

Reading in Performance Based Content Areas

This course is designed for students seeking teacher certification in physical education, music or art and for practicing teachers who wish to extend their knowledge of literacy in performance based content areas. Open only to ESS, ART and MUS education majors. Prerequisite: Admission to teacher education.


RDG       426                                                                                                                                     Cr. 2

Teaching Children with Reading Difficulties: Planning and Implementing Effective Practices

Designed for preservice teachers to develop skills for teaching children who experience difficulty learning to read and write. Theory, assessment, instructional strategies, organizational issues in the classroom and referral considerations will be examined. To be taken concurrently with SPE 490. Prerequisites: admission to teacher education, RDG 324 and SPE 420.


RDG       432                                                                                                                                     Cr. 3

Middle Level Reading

An examination of developmentally appropriate reading/language arts instruction for the middle level (grades 5-9). The course focuses on 1) reading/writing instruction which is consistent with the middle school philosophy and addresses the needs of the young adolescent; 2) organization, management, instructional practices and assessment of reading and writing; and 3) interdisciplinary thematic instruction. Prerequisite: RDG 324 or RDG 328.


RDG       450/650                                                                                                                             Cr. 3

Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum: Learning to Learn from Text

Students will learn how to implement components of the nationally validated “Content Field Reading Program” of Kalispell, Montana. The program emphasizes how content field teachers can help students read, study and learn from text. The course is designed for content teachers (grades 4-12) and middle school, junior high, and senior high reading specialists.


RDG       475/675                                                                                                                             Cr. 1-3

Special Topics Seminar in Reading Education

Special topics in reading not covered by current reading courses. The particular topic selected to be determined by current need and interest. Prerequisite: RDG 324 or 328. Repeatable for credit — maximum 6.