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Table of Contents
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No person will be denied admission to the university or to any of its programs or

activities (either academic or non-academic, curricular or extracurricular) because of

gender, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, disability, ancestry, age, sexual

orientation, pregnancy, marital or parental status, or relationship to employees of this university.





If you wish to visit the university, please contact the Admissions Office, 115 Graff Main Hall, (608)785-8067. Tours of the campus are conducted Monday through Friday at 11 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. when school is in session. Summer session tours are at 11 a.m. only. All scheduled tours originate in the Admissions Office. Appointments made in advance are recommended for tours. Overnight accommodations for students only may be available upon request by contacting the Residence Life Office, (608)785-8075.

Six special visitation days, called Campus Close-Up, are held during the academic year. Programs begin at 9:30 a.m. and end after a 2:15 p.m. campus tour. Call the Admissions Office at (608)785-8067 for information.

Admissions counselors and other university representatives visit high schools in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois each year. The university is also represented at Wisconsin Education Fairs, Minnesota Post High School Planning Programs, national fairs and college night programs.


To request a University of Wisconsin System application and/or UW-L information, you may write to the Admissions Office, 1725 State St., La Crosse, WI 54601, or call (608)785-8067, or e-mail admissions@uwlax.edu. You may also access UW-L information on the Web at http://www.uwlax.edu.





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Applications for admission can be sent electronically by accessing the worldwide web at apply.wisconsin.edu. The UW System paper application may be obtained from the Admissions Office or a high school guidance office. Since enrollment is limited, it is advisable to apply for admission as early as possible. This requires submitting the following items to the Admissions Office, 115 Graff Main Hall:


1.         a completed UW System application.

2.         an official high school transcript.

3.         a non-refundable application fee.

4.         official American College Test (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores sent directly from ACT/SAT (may be waived for non-traditional students.)


New Freshmen Admission Requirements

Applicants for admission as new freshmen must satisfy the following minimum requirements to be considered.

I.          Graduation from a recognized high school or the equivalent.

A.        A recognized high school is

1)         one operated by a public school district; or

2)         a private school accredited by an association that is certified by the U.S. Department of Education and is listed in the Federal Register as an approved accreditation association (accreditation by other associations approved by the University of Wisconsin System is also acceptable);   or

3)         a private school not accredited under 2 above that may be

“recognized” by an institution in the UW System based upon performance of previously admitted graduates from that school.

B.         Applicants who have not graduated from high school or who lack the necessary class rank or required pattern of high school academic units may be considered for admission on probation if

1)         they hold a High School Equivalency Diploma and score at least a 250 on the General Education Development (GED) test. High school equivalency  applicants may not normally be enrolled unless they are a minimum of four years past their expected date of high school graduation.


2)         on the basis of individual background and experience, there appears to be a reasonable probability of success in the university. (High school transcript required.)

II.         Completion of the following 17 high school credits is minimal preparation and is required for admission. Applicants are strongly recommended to take advanced courses beyond the required 17 high school credits.

A.        4 credits of English.

B.         2 credits of algebra and 1 credit of geometry.

C.        3 credits of natural science with 2 credits from biology, chemistry, physics, earth science or advanced courses in these disciplines. Unified and Integrated Science I and II courses will be counted on a one-for-one basis.)

D.        3 credits of social science (i.e., anthropology, economics, history [U.S. or world], political science [civics/government], psychology or sociology.)

E.         5 academic credits from the above and/or in the arts, computer

                        science, or other academic areas.

Students admitted on the basis of a high school equivalency diploma are considered to have fulfilled these minimum subject matter requirements.

III.       The ACT or SAT is required and scores must be submitted from ACT/SAT prior to an official admission decision. The ACT/SAT may be waived for non-traditional students.

IV.       Submission of Wisconsin Regional Placement test scores in mathematics and English.

V.        Due to enrollment limitations, admissions shall be prioritized based on

high school rank and ACT/SAT scores. Even applicants who meet all published requirements are not guaranteed admission. Candidates for admission must satisfy requirements I and II along with high school class rank and ACT/SAT  score requirements for admission in good standing.

A.        Admission requirements III and V may be waived for non-traditional students.

B.         Due to institutional and UW System priority objectives and the need to provide the social and cultural

diversity essential to a comprehensive university, exceptions to the above policies may be made to provide admission opportunities for special populations including, but not limited to: minority/disadvantaged students, international  students, veterans, non-traditional students, and those with special talent.



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Concurrent High School/UW-L Enrollment and Youth Options

UW-L offers enrollment for high school students who wish to pursue university course work while completing their studies in high school. Applicants must have completed at least the ninth grade and preferably the eleventh grade before entering the university. Special admission is granted only to those highly qualified applicants who demonstrate that they can benefit from entrance into college and who have exhausted all high school coursework in the educational disciplines for which they plan to enroll.


The Youth Options (Wisconsin Act 27) program stipulates that qualified Wisconsin juniors and seniors in high school may attend post secondary institutions and the school districts might be responsible for tuition and fees for the course. Registration for courses as a high school student is subject to course, program, and institutional enrollment limits.


Admission Requirements:

1.         High school seniors must rank in the upper 25 percent of their high school class or score in the upper 10 percent on the ACT/SAT. High school sophomores and juniors must rank in the upper 10 percent of their high school class. (Youth Options does not include sophomores.)

2.         Completion of appropriate preparatory high school course work for college courses.

3.         A personal interview is required for sophomore candidates.


Application Procedures:

1.         Submit a UW System application. Students apply as a “special

            non-degree” student. The application fee is not required.

2.         Submit a completed “High School/UW-La Crosse Enrollment and Youth Options Program” information sheet.

3.         Submit an official high school transcript.

4.         The application, information sheet, and high school transcript should be mailed to the Admissions Office, 115 Graff Main Hall, UW-La Crosse, La Crosse, WI 54601.



Credit by Examination and Retroactive Credit

Students may earn university credit through a variety of options. For specific information, newly admitted students should contact the Director of Admissions and continuing

students should contact the Dean of the college or school in which they are enrolled.

The five options are:

1.         Advanced Placement Program — Students who have participated in the College Board Advanced Placement program (AP) in high school and have received grades of 3, 4, or 5 will receive academic credit. Transcripts of your AP work must be submitted to the Admissions Office for evaluation to determine how academic credit will be awarded.

2.         College Level Entrance Program — The College Level Entrance Program (CLEP) is a national program administered through the College Board.

UW-La Crosse follows the American Council on Education (ACE) guidelines and recommendations for minimum scores for awarding credit in all subject examinations.

3.         Departmental Credit by Exam — Each department will have on file an examination for each course the department determines to be introductory, including courses applicable to the skills component of the General Education program.

4.         Retroactive Credit — Two departments, foreign languages and mathematics, offer retroactive credit for previous course work.

5.         International Baccalaureate — Credit will be granted for “Higher Level” examination with a score of 4 or greater. (See p. 39 for specific policies.)


ACT/SAT Examination

Candidates for admission as new freshmen must take the American College Test (ACT)  or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). The ACT/SAT may be waived for non-traditional students. Scores must be sent to the Admissions Office directly from ACT or SAT. No official admission decision will be made until scores are received. High school students are recommended to take the exam in the spring of their junior year or early in their senior year. Complete information concerning the test dates and locations, fee payment and application forms, may be obtained from any high school guidance office or by writing to the university Counseling and Testing Center.




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Placement into English and mathematics courses is accomplished by using scores earned on the Wisconsin Regional Placement Exams and the ACT/SAT.  Course registration in either discipline is limited to those students who have demonstrated their competency through the examinations. ENG 050 and MTH 050 and 051 are courses designed for students whose test scores indicate a low probability for success in college-level courses. Any student may enroll in ENG 050 or MTH 050 or 051, but if you need ENG 050 and/or MTH 050 or 051, you must complete the requirement(s) prior to earning 30 degree credits.










Application Procedures/Requirements

Students who wish to transfer to this university should write to or call the UW-La Crosse Admissions Office to obtain admission materials. Applications for admission can be sent electronically by accessing the Web at apply.wisconsin.edu. The university will begin accepting transfer applications on January 1 for the fall semester and will continue until closed. The university will begin accepting transfer applications on September 1 for the spring semester and will continue until closed. On or shortly after the above priority dates, students should attempt to have their admissions records complete. This requires submitting the following items to the Admissions Office, 115 Graff Main Hall:


1.         A UW System application

2.         An official high school transcript if student has earned less than 12 transferable semester credits or 18 transferable quarter credits.

3.         All official college transcripts. (Transcripts must be mailed directly from the institution(s) attended to the UW-La Crosse Admissions Office.)

4.         A list of courses in progress, if currently enrolled, with course numbers, titles and the number of credits for each course.

5.         A non-refundable application fee is required for anyone applying as a

            transfer student from an institution outside of the UW System.


Admission Eligibility

Due to enrollment limitations, transfer admissions shall be prioritized based on cumulative grade point average(s).

 In addition to grade point requirements, students must be in good standing at their previous institution to be admitted to UW-L.


One exception to the above policy is students from a UW College who earned, or will have earned, an associate degree or 60 credits prior to entering the university. These students will be admitted with a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or above. (See Guaranteed Transfer Program p. 12)


Admission to UW-L does not assure admission to specific degree programs. All transfer students must meet the same criteria (i.e., grade point average, course requirements, etc.) for admission to specific majors or programs as continuing students at UW-L.

Students who were not admissible as new freshmen must present at least 12 semester credits or 18 quarter credits and earn at least a 2.75 grade point average to be considered for admission as a transfer student.


Admissions Notification

On receipt of a student’s application, application fee (if required), official transcripts, and if applicable, a list of courses in progress, the Admissions Office will (within four weeks) forward an official admission letter, a credit evaluation indicating all of the courses and credits that have been granted in transfer, and on-campus housing information. Students will also receive a Student Notice of Academic Progress (SNAP) report which is an individualized, automated degree audit. This report is each student’s academic advising map and is specific to each individual’s catalog term, General Education, college core, major/ minor, and graduation requirements. The number of credits granted in transfer by this university will be used to determine classification as a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior. (For this classification, please refer to p. 39.)

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Academic Advising

After being admitted to UW-L, all transfer students will be given the opportunity to

register by touch-tone telephone. The registration instructions and class timetable will be forwarded in April for those students admitted to the summer session and fall semester, and in November for those students admitted to the spring semester. In preparing to register by telephone, many transfer students find that the SNAP report is sufficient. Others would like some assistance with their SNAP report by meeting personally with an academic adviser. You are welcome to call and make an appointment with the assistant to the dean from the college or school to which you have been assigned. Assignments are noted on your admission letter. In the process of academic advising, should you disagree with how a course(s) transfers or how a course(s) applies toward your program of study, a formal appeals process is available. Consult with the assistant to the dean from the college or school in which you enroll.


Two-Year/Four-Year Transfer Policy

Usually General Education requirements will be satisfied by students who have completed associate degrees in college parallel programs at accredited four-year institutions, two-year collegiate transfer programs from two-year institutions, community colleges or junior colleges. Students accepted under the transfer policy are still required to meet all core, professional, diversity, major and minor requirements. The University reserves the right to review the student’s associate degree and require additional general education courses.



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Credits considered for transfer to UW-L must have been earned at regionally accredited institutions — e.g., North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Transfer credit is allowed for appropriate college-level courses completed at four-year colleges and universities as well as from two-year colleges and vocational/technical schools with accredited college parallel programs. Credits in vocational/technical programs other than college parallel programs will not transfer to this university. (See WTCS transfer policy.)


The UW System maintains a Transfer Information System (TIS) Web site. This site, at www.uwsa.edu/tis, will provide information about credit transfer, academic program requirements and more. TIS is designed to give prospective transfer students current information about transferring, including how UW System and Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) courses you’re currently taking will transfer to any institution in the UW System, and which courses to take at your current school to fulfill specific requirements at your intended transfer campus.


 Military service school credit may be granted in transfer based upon recommendations of the American Council on Education.


Credits may also be transferred from examination programs such as the Advanced Placement Program (APP), the College Level Entrance Program (CLEP), or the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.


The maximum number of credits transferable from a two-year institution is 72. When credits are transferred and accepted, they are recorded in terms of UW-L courses. The    student’s record shows courses, grades, and credits, however, only credits are used. Grades and/or grade points are not generally transferred. Exceptions to this policy are  necessary for admission into certain programs/majors. The cumulative grade point average of each UW-L student is determined only by credits and grades earned in         residence at the university.


If you are currently enrolled at UW-L, and have a need to take course work elsewhere either in a summer session or during an academic year, you must secure approval in advance of enrollment at other institutions for course work to be taken for transfer to this university. See the assistant to the dean in the dean’s office of the school/college in which you are enrolled and fill out an “Off-Campus Permit” form, which is used to secure approval to transfer credits from other institutions.


Transfer of “D” Credits

A course in which a grade of “D” was earned and accepted by this university may be applied to General Education and/or core requirements but will be subject to re-evaluation at a later date if the student chooses to major or minor in the subject area, or discipline in which “D” grades were earned.


Transcripts from Transfer Students

UW-L will not accept transcripts marked “Issued to Student” or hand carried and not mailed directly from the issuing institution(s) for evaluating and awarding credit.


Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Transfer Policy

The UW System undergraduate transfer policy permits UW-L to transfer up to 15 general education credits in communications, behavioral sciences and social sciences, and two courses in mathematics and natural sciences from WTCS non-college parallel associate degree programs. In certain cases where the WTCS credit is not acceptable for transfer, students will have an opportunity to earn credit by examination if the academic department offers an appropriate exam. Program-to-Program agreements with the Wisconsin Technical College System allow students to transfer additional credits with or without the associate degree. For details, contact the UW-L Admissions Office.


Program-to-Program Agreements

In addition to the Wisconsin Technical College System program-to-program agreements (see WTCS transfer policy), other agreements have been established with Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwas Community College, Palmer College of Chiropractic, College of St. Catherine’s, Northeast Iowa Community College, University of Minnesota, UW-Madison, UW-Platteville, and UW-Milwaukee.  For details, contact the UW-L Admissions Office.


Guaranteed Transfer Program

UW College students who intend to pursue their education at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse will be guaranteed admission to UW-L providing they meet the

following criteria:

1.         Submit a UW System application to the UW-L Admissions Office during the first month of the semester prior to the semester of intended enrollment.

2.         Be in good standing and have completed an associate degree or 60 credits at any UW College with a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average.


All General Education requirements will be satisfied by students who have completed associate degrees. Students accepted under this two-year transfer policy are required to meet all core, professional, diversity, major and minor requirements.



            Admission to the institution does not assure admission to specific degree

programs. UW College students must meet the same criteria (i.e., grade point  average, course requirements, etc.) for admission to specific majors or programs

            as continuing UW-L students.


Students who do not participate in the Guaranteed Transfer Program must meet the university transfer requirements in effect at the time of application for admission.

 For information regarding transfer programs and services at UW-L, please write to or call Admissions, UW-La Crosse, 1725 State Street, La Crosse, WI 54601,   (608)785-8939.



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Admissions procedures have been designed to assist international students who plan to earn an undergraduate degree at UW-L or to study as a non-degree student. An international admissions specialist in the Office of International Education coordinates the admission process of any applicant who is not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States. 


International applicants must submit the following items:


1.         A completed application form and appropriate application and/or           processing fee.

2.         Official academic records for secondary and all post-secondary education.

3.         TOEFL score of 550 (213 computer-based) for full university admission. Students with no TOEFL or with scores less than 550 may be granted “restricted” admission for degree or non-degree study. An English placement exam (La Crosse Battery) upon arrival will determine if additional language study is required. Students enrolled in English language courses at the university will be required to pass the La Crosse Battery with a score of 80 or higher in order to receive full university admission. After a student has taken the placement exam, submission of a TOEFL score will not replace the requirement of 80 on the La Crosse Battery for full university admission. (See information about the English as a Second Language Institute on pgs. 153-154.)

  1. Certification of Financial Resources  verifying that sufficient funding is available for study at UW-La Crosse.


International applicants are not required to submit ACT or SAT scores.


Applicants who are informed of their academic acceptance to UW-La Crosse will be asked to submit a non-refundable tuition deposit in order to receive university admission and appropriate immigration documents.


Interested students may request an application packet with information and complete instructions from the Office of International Education, 116 Graff Main Hall, 1725 State St., La Crosse, WI 54601 U.S.A. or by visiting the International Education Web site at http://www.uwlax.edu/oie.




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Students desiring to audit or take selected courses for credit, but who do not expect to earn a degree at this university, may be enrolled as special non-degree students. Complete transcripts of high school and college records need not be submitted; however, in some circumstances to determine eligibility for admission, the Admissions Office may request that you submit academic records. A high school diploma or its equivalent is required. Students may be admitted to undergraduate status on a degree basis at a later date provided they submit complete transcripts of previous work and meet admission requirements. After admission as a degree-seeking student, course work as a special non-degree student will be evaluated; credit may be granted for courses completed during the initial period of special status, although there is no assurance that work as a special student will be credited toward degree completion.   If regular undergraduate status is achieved by following this procedure, no student will be allowed to revert to a special non-degree status to avoid conforming to any prescribed course of study.


Students disqualified for entrance or continuance at another collegiate institution are not eligible to enroll as special non-degree students at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.


Adult Special Students

Students who already have a college degree and desire to undertake further study to earn a second undergraduate major, to qualify for teaching certification, or to remove deficiencies, must complete the first two pages of the UW System application and submit one official transcript of all previous college work.


Second Degree Students

A student who holds one bachelor’s degree may be admitted to the university to earn a second bachelor’s degree. Each applicant must complete the first two pages of the UW System application and have one official transcript sent from each university attended. Details covering the requirements for a second bachelor’s degree may be found on p. 53.



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If you voluntarily interrupted your university work while in good academic standing, you may be granted reentry status by submitting an application to the Records and Registration Office, if the reentry enrollment quota is not already filled. It is advantageous to apply early in order to be approved to register as soon as possible. If you have been out of school voluntarily for a year or more, or involuntarily for any amount of time, you will be subject to the requirements of the catalog currently in effect. If you have been gone voluntarily for one semester, you remain under your “old” catalog. Students granted reentry status who were on scholastic probation or other conditional status, at the time of last attendance at UW-L, retain such status as a condition of reentry.


If you have attended another institution(s) after leaving UW-L, have official transcripts of your academic record(s) mailed directly from the issuing institutions(s) to the UW-L Records and Registration Office at the time that you apply for reentry. Transcripts that are marked “Issued to Student” or that are hand delivered by a student will not be accepted.


Eligibility for reentry is based upon previous work at this university; however, to re-enroll, you must be eligible to return to the institution last attended. Reentry transfers must meet the same GPA requirements for admission as other transfer students.



If you desire readmission after having been declared ineligible to continue for scholastic or other reasons, you must apply to the dean of the UW-L school or college in which you were last enrolled. Students declared ineligible to continue must follow catalog requirements in effect at the time of readmission. It is advantageous to apply for readmission early in order to facilitate registration in a timely manner. The appropriate dean will apprise the university Records and Registration Office of the students eligible for readmission. During times of controlled or limited enrollment, preference will be given to students reentering in good standing.


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This catalog is a record of undergraduate programs, courses, policies, staff and facilities as of April 1, 2001.

Edited by Judith Holloway and Sharyn Lehrke, Records and Registration www.uwlax.edu/records/ug-cat/index.html


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