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APH 102 Cr. 2
Photography Appreciation
An introduction to the information and skills necessary to appreciate fully the photographic medium. Students will learn to use analysis and evaluation to critically present their views on the art of photography with respect to content, technique and historical context.

APH 202 Cr. 3
Introduction to Photographic Principles
The fundamentals of black and white still photography are taught. Included are the use of an adjustable camera, film processing, printing and print presentation.

APH 232 Cr. 2
Photographic Composition
The parameters of photographic composition are studied and executed with 35mm slide photography. Concepts included are subject placement, psychological effects of formats, mass relationships, principal compositional forms, cultural influences and effective image cropping. Prerequisite: APH 202.

APH 242 Cr. 3
Digital Imaging Technique
The electronic extension of the traditional, darkroom based, Introduction to Photographic Principles. It involves a comparison of traditional and digital approaches to photographic imaging, digital image making, scanning of film and transparencies and a detailed study of electronic imaging software for image preparation and manipulation. Prerequisite: APH 202, 232.

APH 300 Cr. 1-3
Special Projects Photography
Workshops, directed and individual readings, or projects involving significant content or activities not available through regular course offerings within the photography minor. Open to qualified high school students. Prerequisite: photography faculty consent. Repeatable for credit-maximum 6.

APH 302 Cr. 3
A conceptual, historical, ethical and practical study of photo communication. Students will closely examine the work of prominent picture journalists, work for on-campus clients and produce a standardized digital portfolio. Prerequisite: APH 202, 242. Lect. 2, Lab. 2.

APH 312 Cr. 3
Commercial Photography
Large and medium format cameras are used on location and in the studio to execute commercial photography applications. Emphasis given to lighting, color and black and white applications, digital imagery and working in the marketplace. Prerequisite: APH 202.

APH 322 Cr. 3
Portrait Photography
Studio and environmental approaches to portraiture are studied and executed. Explores uses of studio and natural lighting; posing of singles, couples and small groups; designing strong compositions in studio settings; study of historic and contemporary portraitists. Prerequisite: APH 202.

APH 342 Cr. 3
Color Photography
Techniques of color photography are explored, including composition, aesthetics, negative/positive printing and electronic imaging. Contemporary trends in color photography are examined as well as historical precedents. Prerequisite: APH 202.

APH 351 Cr. 3
Film and Society
A lecture/discussion/laboratory class involving film study from cultural, thematic and issues perspectives. Critical viewing and writing emphasis techniques are incorporated.

APH 372 Cr. 1
Applied Photography
Practical experience in applying photographic skills by participating as staff members for university publications. Prerequisite: APH 202. Repeatable for credit—maximum 2. Offered occasionally.

APH 402 Cr. 3
Documentary/Editorial Photography
In-depth and specialized investigation of photojournalism. Topics for research and application include ethics and picture editing, illustration, photo essay, editorial assignments for real-world clients. Students produce an extended portfolio. Prerequisite: APH 302. Offered Sem. II. Lect. 2, Lab. 2.

APH 412 Cr. 3
Expressive and Archival Imaging
Exposure, processing and printing procedures are precisely controlled for technical excellence in black and white photography. The previsualization approach is applied so that the student completes the course with a portfolio of photographs in the tradition of Adams, Weston, Steichen, etc. Prerequisite: APH 202. Offered Sem. II. Lect. 2, Lab. 2.

APH 492 Cr. 1
Seminar in Photography
Discussion of the professional, theoretical and aesthetic problems relating to the presentation and display of photography. Students will produce a portfolio or a gallery show of their work. This is the capstone course in the photography minor. Students will serve as mentors in the photography labs. Prerequisite: APH 202, 232, 302, 312, 412 and electives. Lect. 1, Lab. 1.

APH 499 Cr. 1-3
Independent Study/Art Photography
Directed individual study under an assigned faculty member. Student is responsible for submitting a written study proposal for approval before registration. Prerequisite: Eleven (11) hours of APH coursework, junior standing, and consent of instructor. Repeatable for credit — maximum 6. Normally offered as 1-2 credits; three credits may be given in exceptional cases.



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