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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TSL) 

TESOL Minor (All colleges) — Teacher certification programs: 25 credits plus student teaching. All other majors: 26 credits.

Core Requirements (18 credits): TSL 300, ANT 350 or CST 332, ENG 332, ENG 401; C-I 463; and three credits from the following: PSY 280, PSY 382, SOC 480, EFN 486, TSL 350 (depending on the topic), MLG 455 (depending on the topic), TSL 498 (depending on the topic).

Additional requirementsESL certification (7 credits) for Elementary/Middle Level, and Middle Level/Secondary Education (not K-12): SPE 431; 2-3 credits from the following: RDG 320, ENG 334, C-I 467, RDG 426, MLG 455 (depending on the topic), TSL 498 (depending on the topic); and TSL 450 (1-2 credits) or SPE 490 (taken concurrently with RDG 426), and student teaching. 

K-12 ESL certification for Elementary/ Middle Level Education (8 credits): SPE 431; 3credits from the following: ENG 334, RDG 328, C-I 405; and TSL 450 (1 credit), and student teaching. 

K-12 ESL certification for Middle Level/Secondary, Health, and Physical Education (7 credits):  SPE 431; 3credits from the following: RDG 320, RDG 324, or C-I 334; and C-I 302 (taken concurrently with RDG 324 or C-I 334) or TSL 450 (1 credit), and student teaching. 

All other majors (8 credits):  3 credits from the following: SPE 431, ENG 334, PSY 436; and TSL 450 (5credits).  

Requirements for all TESOL minors: proficiency in a foreign language demonstrated through completion of 102-level course work or equivalent experience, and suitable proficiency in English as determined by the TESOL coordinator.  

Modern language majors and minors in education In order to be certified to teach a foreign language, students must take C-I 467, Teaching a Foreign Language, and student teach at the appropriate levels. Prior to student teaching, students are required to 1) demonstrate proficiency at a level equivalent to Intermediate High on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Oral Proficiency Scale, 2) complete an approved foreign language immersion experience, and 3) pass the Praxis II content test(s) in the language(s) to be certified for teaching. (official test score report required prior to student teaching enrollment). Questions should be referred to the department of modern languages. 

Also see English as a Second Language Institute on p. 127. 

TSL    300   Cr. 3
Introduction to TESOL
This course provides an overview of resources available for teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Emphasis is given to classroom applications of proficiency guidelines. Students gain experience tutoring English as a Second Language (ESL) to international students enrolled in the UW-L ESL Institute. Prerequisite: ENG 110, CST 110, and three credits from the following: EFN 205, ERS 100, SOC 225. Offered Sem. I. 

TSL    350 Cr. 1-6
TSL Program Development
This course is designed for teachers or prospective teachers working toward teacher certification or re-certification in ESL. Program topics, which focus on special needs of ESL learners and teachers, include methods, curriculum development, culture, language acquisition, applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, and sociopolitical concerns. Repeatable for credit –— maximum 12. 

TSL    450/550 Cr. 1-12
TESOL National/International Intern Program
Practical experience tutoring or teaching non-native speakers of English. Examples of sites are adult literacy programs, after-school enrichment programs, university-level ESL programs, and EFL programs abroad. Prerequisite: junior standing, consent of TESOL coordinator, ENG 110, CST 110. Repeatable for credit — maximum 12. Pass/Fail grading. 

TSL    498 Cr. 1-3
Independent Study
Field work, research, individual projects in a specific area related to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Registration with the consent of instructor and the department chairperson. Prerequisite: junior standing. Repeatable for credit — maximum 6. 


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