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See graduate catalog for graduate course and program descriptions.


Course Numbers

Courses with numbers in the 100 and 200 series are primarily for freshmen and sophomores; those in the 300 and 400 series, which normally carry a prerequisite, are primarily for juniors and seniors. Courses in the 500 series and some in the 600 series are “slash” courses; they are graduate courses with a companion number in the 300 or 400 series and are open at that level to upper level undergraduates who have earned at least 60 credits. All courses with numbers in the 700 and 800 series and some in the 600 series are for graduate students only.

Undergraduate students must earn at least 40 credits in the 300 and 400 numbered courses. For senior college credit requirements, see p. 52 under “Requirements for Graduation.” 

Note:  Courses listed in this catalog are subject to change through normal academic procedures. New programs and courses, and changes in existing course work are initiated by departments or programs and approved by the appropriate academic dean, the curriculum committees and the faculty senate. Additions to the curriculum for the ensuing years are published in the official curriculum committee minutes which are on file in the offices of the Provost, the Deans, and the Records and Registration Office.


Course Prerequisites

Course prerequisites, listed in the course description, indicate the academic preparation required for successful completion of the course. Occasionally students may have sufficient knowledge to enter courses without the formal prerequisites. In these circumstances, students may ask instructors for consent to enroll; all instructors retain the right to admit any student to their classes, subject to departmental policy. Students who do not meet the stated prerequisite(s) or the required class standing must obtain permission in writing to enroll in a class. Students will not receive credit for courses for which they do not have the appropriate class standing or specified prerequisites, or written permission to override the requirements. 


Course and curriculum requirements

A statement of major and minor course requirements for various curriculums precedes the list of courses offered in each department and/or program, with a few exceptions. Information about curriculum requirements also is included in the appropriate school or college section of the catalog. In addition to major and minor course requirements, students also must meet General Education requirements, core, and general graduation requirements.

A course marked “repeatable for credit” may be repeated only once unless otherwise specified.  

Many course descriptions list the semester/year during which a course is normally offered. This serves as a guide; however, actual offerings may vary depending on staffing levels and enrollment demands.

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) is the curriculum review faculty body for all academic programs at the baccalaureate level. Membership of this committee consists of nine faculty, with proportional representation by college, and four students. The provost, registrar, a library representative, and the dean of each college serve as administrative consultants.


Department and/or Program Abbreviations: 
(Click on program link to go to course descriptions)


ACC      — Accountancy

HON     — University Honors Program

ANT       — Anthropology

H-P       — Health Professions  

APH      — Art Photography  International Business
ARC      — Archaeology

INS      -   International Studines

ART       — Art

I-S         — Information Systems  

AST       — Astronomy Latina/o and latin American Studies
BIO        — Biology MGT      — Management

BUS      — Business (Admin)

MKT      — Marketing
CEI        — Cooperative Education and Internships

MTH      — Mathematics

CHE      — CommunityHealth Education MIC       — Microbiology
CHI       — Chinese  M-S       — Military Science
CHM     — Chemistry MLG      — Modern Languages
CYC      — Child Youth Care MUS      — Music
CLI        — Clinical Laboratory Science NMT      — Nuclear Medicine Technology
CST      — Communication Studies O-T        — Occupational Therapy
CMP      — Computational Science PAS       — Physician Assistant Studies
C-S       — Computer Science   PHL      — Philosophy
C-I         — Curriculum and Instruction PHY      — Physics
DOS      — Medical Dosimetry

POL      — Political Science and Public Administration

ECE      — Early Childhood Education PSY       — Psychology
ESC      — Earth Science PTS       — Physical Therapy
ECO      — Economics   R-T        — Radiation Therapy
EDM     --- Educational Media RDG     — Reading
ENG      — English REC      — Recreation Management
ESL       — English as a Second Language

RTH      — Therapeutic Recreation

ENV      — Environmental Studies RUS      — Russian
ERS      — Ethnic and Racial Studies SAH      — Science and Allied Health
ESS      — Exercise and Sport Science

SHE      — School Health Education

FIN        — Finance SOC      — Sociology
FRE      — French SPA       — Spanish
GEO      — Geography   SPE      — Special Education
GER      — German THA       — Theatre Arts

GTL       — Gerontology

TSL       — Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
HED      — Health Education UWL     — University-wide Learning
HIS        — History W-S       — Women’s Gender, and Sexuality Studies 



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