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Campus Information
1725 State Street
La Crosse, WI 54601

115 Graff Main Hall
Director: Kathy Kiefer (Interem)


Continuing Education & Extension
205 Thomas Morris Hall
Director: M. Donald Campbell


International Education 116 Graff Main Hall(608)785-8016
Director: Jay Lokke
Residence Life
2nd Fl Wilder Hall
Director: Harry Nicklaus, Jr.


227 Graff Main Hall
Director: Ruthann Benson


Education, School of
227 Graff Main Hall


Liberal Studies,
College of

227 Graff Main Hall
Dean: John Mason


105 Graff Main Hall
Dean: Michael Nelson


223 Carl Wimberly Hall
Dean: William Colclough


Financial Aid
215 Graff Main Hall
Director: James Finn


Multicultural Student Services
243 Graff Main Hall
Director: Barbara Stewart

Student Development &
Academic Services

145 Graff Main Hall
(608) 785-8150
Dean: Petra Roter


Cashiers Office
121 Graff Main Hall
(608)785-8719Assistant Controller:
 Cristen Houlihan


Intercollegiate Athletics
126 Mitchell Hall
Director: Joe Baker


Records & Registration
117 Graff Main Hall
 Diane Schumacher
Student Life
147 Graff Main Hall
Assistant Dean of Students:
Michael Miyamoto


   This catalog is a record of undergraduate programs, courses, policies, staff and facilities as of May 1, 2005



   Edited by Diane Schumacher and Jeri Anibas, Records and Registration www.uwlax.edu/records/ug-cat/index.html 



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