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Gerontology Emphasis
College of Liberal Studies
Coordinator: Sara M. Sullivan (Psychology)
335A Graff Main Hall, (608)785-6897
e-mail: sullivan.sara@uwlax.edu

Advisers: Murray (Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation);
                 Wycoff-Horn (Health Education and Health Promotion); 
                 Scherwitz (Philosophy);
                 Temple (Clinical Science).

Program statement

The emphasis in gerontology is a multi-disciplinary program designed to assist students planning to enter career-related areas directly involving older persons. The study of gerontology will also help students prepare for their own aging as well as to develop a better understanding of and to seek enrichment for the lives of aging parents and our aging populations. 

Gerontology Emphasis  (All colleges) — 24 credits with at least 18 credits from the core and supportive areas (a minimum of eight credits must be from the core) plus a field experience with a gerontological focus of at least three credits. 

Gerontology Core
HED 473; PSY 312; RTH 345; SOC 260. 

Supportive Courses
ECO 471, ESS 442, HED 485; PHL 339; POL 313; PSY 313; RTH 326, 480; SOC 320, 420, 422.

Field Experience (must have a gerontological focus) 
ANT 450; CEI 450; ESS 450; CHE 498; PSY 450; RTH 498; SOC 450.

Note: In addition to the supportive courses, departments will offer workshops from time to time that will be germane to the
               gerontology emphasis. Maximum of three credits from such workshops will be applicable.

GTL    300  Cr. 3
Gerontology Foundations
Gerontology Foundations presents the fundamentals of basic physiological and psychological aging processes and of the social contexts of aging from a multidisciplinary perspective. It provides opportunities to 1) explore myths and stereotypes of aging; 2) examine the impact of ageism on both young and old; 3) identify correlates and consequences of “the graying of America”; 4) formulate personal attitudes regarding aging; 5) become familiar with empirical data on aging from multiple disciplines. 8 week, UWL On-line offering.


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