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International Business  

International Business Major (College of Business Administration) — 48-56 credits.
This program requires completion of the international business major requirements, a functional business major, and an area studies requirement. 

Language Requirement
This major requires demonstrated proficiency in a second language. This can be accomplished either by completing prescribed courses or by demonstrating proficiency as determined by the department of modern languages. Language proficiency would generally be acquired through the study of a language up to and including the MLG 202 level with grades of “C” or better in each course. The language requirement must be satisfied prior to the study abroad experience. (Students whose native language is not English will meet this requirement through demonstrated proficiency via TOEFL or departmental exam.) 

Majors must also complete one study abroad program prior to graduation. The program selected must be in a region where the dominant language is the student’s proficiency language. Approval of the program will be made by the International Business Advisory Committee. Every effort will be made to ensure applicability of credits earned in the study abroad program. 

Required Courses — 21 credits. ECO 340, FIN 440, MKT 341, MGT 360, 405 and two courses from the following elective choices: ACC 447, ECO 311, 375, 441; FIN 477, MKT 440, 445; MGT 430, 431, 484; up to 3 credits in international internship 450/452; up to 3 credits in independent study ACC/ECO/FIN/I-S/ MKT/MGT 499. A maximum of 3 credits from the functional business major may be double counted toward the IB major. Cannot count ECO 375 both in electives and area studies.  

Completion of one of the six business majors  — 21-28 credits. (See departmental listings for required courses.): accountancy, economics, finance, finance with risk and insurance, information systems, marketing, management. 

Area Studies
The area studies component of the international business major should be consistent with the language and study abroad specialization. Two courses in one area:
1. Development. ECO 375 and ANT 300
2. Latin America: GEO 318 and POL 339
3. Europe: GEO 304 and POL 338
4. Asia: GEO 328 and POL 333

International Business Minor (All colleges) This is a 32-credit minor* including six credits in history, eight credits in another language, 15 credits in professional business courses and three credits in selected electives. Students, especially non-business majors, must pay careful attention to the prerequisites for the professional business courses as stated in the course description. 

Required Courses

A.  HIS 101, Global Origins of the Modern World — 3 cr.; HIS 102, Global Transition and Change —
3 cr.

B.  Modern Language — 8 cr.

      (one year in the same language)**

C.  Professional business courses — 15 cr.

1.  MKT 341, International Marketing

2.     FIN 440, Multinational Financial Management

3.  MGT 430, Comparative Management

4.    ECO 340, Introduction to International Economics

5.  One course from the following:

ACC 447; ECO 311, 375, 441;

FIN 477; MGT 360, 405, 431, 452, 484; MKT 440, 445

D.  One course from the following—3 cr.

ANT 203 Culture and Ecology

ECO  311 Comparative Economic Systems (may not be used if elected in C. 5 above)

GEO  110 World Cultural Regions

POL  443 Introduction to International Political Risk  

It is the student’s responsibility to confirm prerequisites for the above requirements. Prerequisites are stated in the catalog description of each course. 

College of Business Administration Majors are required to complete at least 18 of the 32 credits in addition to those which may be applied to General Education or their major. 

*Additional prerequisites total 21-27 credits.

** Students whose native language is not English may substitute one course from each group listed below for the modern language requirement. 1) ENG 303, 304, 305, 307, 308, 309; 2) CST 210, 260, 301, 310, 352; 3) any additional English or communication studies course not required under the General Education requirements.


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