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Curriculum options indicated by code letters preceding each program title are:

— (m)        Minor

— (M)       Undergraduate Major

— (t)         Leads to Wisconsin teacher certification

__ (c)       Certificate program


College of Business Administration

— mM       Accountancy

— m       Business Administration

— mMt       Economics

— M          Finance

                         Risk and Insurance concentration

— mM       Information Systems

— mM       International Business

— M       Management

                        with tracks in:

                                General Management and Technology

                                Human Resources

                                International Management

— M       Marketing


College of Liberal Studies

— m       Anthropology

— M       Archaeology

                         Child/Youth Care emphasis

— m       Criminal Justice

— mM       Economics

— mMt      English

                 with emphases in:


                                Rhetoric and Writing

— m                 Creative Writing

— m                 Professional Writing

— m       Environmental Studies

— m          Ethnic and Racial Studies

— mMt      French

                                Business concentration

—c                    French Studies

— mMt      German Studies

                                Business concentration

                         Gerontology emphasis

— mMt      History

                                Regional emphasis

— m                 Public History

— m       International Studies

                                European emphasis

                                Latin American emphasis

— m        Military Science

— mM       Philosophy

— mMt        Political Science

— mM        Psychology

— mM       Public Administration 

— mMt       Sociology

— mMt      Spanish 

                                Business concentration

— mt       Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

                University Honors

— m       Women’s Studies

School of Arts and Communication

— mMt      Art

— mM       Communication Studies

                         with emphases in:

                                Interpersonal Communication

                                Public Relations and Organizational Communication

                                Persuasion and Public Communication


— mM       Music 

                        with emphases in:

— t                          Choral

— t                          General


— t                          Instrumental

                                Jazz Performance

—m                         Music Theatre    


                               Piano Pedagogy


— m       Photography

— mM       Theatre Arts

                         with emphases in:


                                General Studies


                                Music Theatre



School of Education

— mt         Early Childhood Education

—Mt          Early Childhood-Middle Childhood

— Mt         Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence

— mt       Instructional Media (not available)

— mMt      Science (Broadfield)

— mMt      Social Studies (Broadfield)

— mt         Special Education



College of Science and Health

— M       Athletic Training

— M       Biochemistry

— mMt      Biology

                         with concentrations in:

                                Aquatic Science

                                Biomedical Science

                                Cellular and Molecular


— mMt        Chemistry

                         with concentrations in:


                                Environmental Science

— M          Clinical Laboratory Science

— M       Community Health Education

— m       Computational Science

— mMt       Computer Science 

— mt         Earth Science

— M       Exercise and Sport Science

                        with emphases in:


                                Physical Education

                                Sport Management

— t        Concentrations

— t                   Coaching Competitive Athletics

— t                          Special Physical Education

                           Strength and Conditioning

— m       Geoarchaeology  

— mMt       Geography

                         with concentrations in:

                                Environmental Science

—m                         Geographic Information Science

— mMt       Mathematics   

                  with emphases in


— m                        Education

— m                        Statistics 

—c                    Medical Dosimetry

— M       Microbiology

                         with concentrations in:


                                Environmental Science

— M          Nuclear Medicine Technology

— mMt      Physics

                         with concentrations in:



                         with emphases in:

— m                        Astronomy



— M       Radiation Therapy

— mM       Recreation Management

— mMt      School Health Education

— M       Therapeutic Recreation 



Graduate Programs


                  with concentrations in:

                   Aquatic Science

                   Biomedical Science

                   Cellular and Molecular

                   Clinical Microbiology


                   Nurse Anesthesia


Business Administration

Clinical Exercise Physiology

College Student Development & Administration

Community Health Education

Education-Professional Development 

Exercise and Sport Science


                   Physical Education-Teaching

                   Sport Administration

                  Human Performance

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physician Assistant Studies


Recreation Management

School Health Education       

School Psychology

Software Engineering

Special Education

Therapeutic Recreation


The university offers pre-professional studies for Architecture, Chiropractic, Dentistry, Engineering, Forestry,

 (Natural Resources, Conservation, Wildlife Management), Law, Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy,

 Optometry, Osteopathy, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant Studies, Podiatry, and Veterinary



Dual degrees offered in Biology/Chiropractic, Biology/Physical Therapy, Physics/Physical Therapy, Psychology/Occupational Therapy, Chemistry/Engineering, Computer Science/ Engineering, Mathematics/Engineering, and Physics/Engineering.

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