Transfer Student Admissions

Application Procedures/Requirements

Applications for admission can be sent electronically by accessing The university will begin accepting transfer applications on January 1 for the summer session or fall semester and will continue until closed. The university will begin accepting transfer applications on September 1 for the spring semester and will continue until closed. On or shortly after the above priority dates, students should attempt to have their admissions records complete. This requires submitting the following items to the Admissions Office, UW-La Crosse, 115 Graff Main Hall, 1725 State Street, La Crosse, WI 54601:

  1. A completed UW System application (available at
  2. An official high school transcript if student has earned less than 48 transferable semester credits.
  3. All official college transcripts. (Transcripts must be mailed directly from the institution(s) attended to the UW-La Crosse Admissions Office.)
  4. A list of courses in progress, if currently enrolled, with course numbers, titles and the number of credits for each course.
  5. A nonrefundable application fee is required for anyone applying as a transfer student from an institution other than one of the UW Colleges (two-year campuses).
  6. ACT/SAT scores

Admission Requirements

Due to enrollment limitations, transfer admissions shall be prioritized based on cumulative grade point average(s).

Students with at least a 2.75 cumulative grade point average in all previous college level work will be considered stronger candidates for admission. Students with a cumulative grade point average between a 2.0 and a 2.74 will be considered for admission on a space available basis. In addition to grade point requirements, students must be in good standing at their previous institution to be admitted to UWL. Students who were not admissible as new freshmen must present at least 18 transferable semester credits and earn at least a 2.75 grade point average to be considered for admission as a transfer student.

One exception to the above mentioned cumulative grade point average guidelines is for students from a UW College who earned, or will have earned, an associate degree or 60 credits prior to entering the university. These students will be admitted with a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or above. (See Guaranteed Transfer Program p. 16).

Admission to UWL does not assure admission to specific degree programs. All transfer students must meet the same criteria (i.e., grade point average, course requirements, etc.) for admission to specific majors or programs as continuing students at UWL.

Admissions Notification

On receipt of a student's application, application fee (if required), official transcripts, and if applicable, a list of courses in progress and ACT/SAT scores, the Admissions Office will forward an official admission letter, a credit evaluation indicating all of the courses and credits that have been granted in transfer, and on campus housing information (if requested). Students also will receive a Student Notice of Academic Progress (SNAP) report, which is an individualized, automated degree audit. This report is each student's academic advising map and is specific to each individual's catalog term, General Education, college core, major/ minor, and graduation requirements. The number of credits granted in transfer by this university will be used to determine classification as a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior. (For this classification, please refer here.)

Academic Advising

After being admitted to UWL, all transfer students will be given the opportunity to register on the Web using the TALON system. The registration instructions and class timetable will be forwarded in April for those students admitted to the summer session and fall semester, and in November for those students admitted to the spring semester. In preparing to register on the Web, many transfer students find that the SNAP report is sufficient. Others would like some assistance with their SNAP report by meeting personally with an academic adviser. You are welcome to call and make an appointment with the assistant to the dean of the college or school to which you have been assigned. Assignments are noted on your admission letter. In the process of academic advising, should you disagree with how a course(s) transfers or how a course(s) applies toward your program of study, a formal appeals process is available. Consult with the assistant to the dean of the college or school in which you enroll. If you are undecided about a major, you may want to talk to an adviser in the Academic Advising Center.

Transfer Credit Policies

Credits considered for transfer to UWL must have been earned at regionally accredited institutions e.g., Higher Learning Commission/North Central Association. Transfer credit is allowed for appropriate college-level courses completed at four-year colleges and universities as well as from two-year colleges and vocational/technical schools with accredited college parallel programs. Credits in vocational/technical programs other than college parallel programs will not transfer to this university. (See WTCS transfer policy.) Military service school credit may be granted in transfer based upon recommendations of the American Council on Education. Credits also may be transferred from examination programs such as the Advanced Placement Program (AP), the College Level Entrance Program (CLEP), or the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

The UW System maintains a Transfer Information System (TIS) Web site. This site, at, will provide information about credit transfer, academic program requirements and more. TIS is designed to give prospective transfer students current information about transferring, including how UW System and Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) courses you are currently taking will transfer to any institution in the UW System, and which courses to take at your current school to fulfill specific requirements at your intended transfer campus.

When credits are transferred and accepted, they are recorded in terms of UWL courses. The student's record shows courses, grades, and credits, however, only credits are used. Grades and/or grade points are not generally transferred. Exceptions to this policy are necessary for admission into certain programs/majors. The cumulative grade point average of each UWL student is determined only by credits and grades earned in residence at the university.

If you are currently enrolled at UWL, and need to take course work elsewhere either in a summer session or during an academic year, you must secure approval in advance of enrollment at other institutions for course work to be taken for transfer to this university. See the assistant to the dean in the dean's office of the school/college in which you are enrolled and fill out an "Off-Campus Permit" form, which is used to secure approval to transfer credits from other institutions.

Transfer of "D" Credits

A course in which a grade of "D" was earned and accepted by this university may be applied to General Education and/or core requirements but will be subject to reevaluation at a later date if the student chooses to major or minor in the subject area, or discipline in which "D" grades were earned.

Transcripts from Transfer Students

UWL will not accept transcripts marked "Issued to Student" or hand carried and not mailed directly from the issuing institution(s) for evaluating and awarding credit.

Two-Year/Four-Year Transfer Policy

Usually General Education requirements will be satisfied by students who have completed associate degrees in college parallel programs at accredited four-year institutions, two-year collegiate transfer programs from two-year institutions, community colleges or junior colleges. Students accepted under the transfer policy still are required to meet all core, professional, diversity, major and minor requirements. The university reserves the right to review the student's associate degree and require additional General Education courses. The maximum number of credits transferable from a two-year institution is 72.

Guaranteed Transfer Program

UW College (two-year campuses) students who intend to pursue their education at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse will be guaranteed admission to UWL providing they meet the following criteria:

  1. Submit a UW System application to the UWL Admissions Office during the first month of the semester prior to the semester of intended enrollment.
  2. Be in good standing and have completed an associate degree or 60 credits at any UW College with a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average.

All General Education requirements will be satisfied by students who have completed associate degrees. Students accepted under this two-year transfer policy are required to meet all core, professional, diversity, major and minor requirements.

Note: Admission to the institution does not assure admission to specific degree programs. UW College students must meet the same criteria (i.e., grade point average, course requirements, etc.) for admission to specific majors or programs as continuing UWL students.

Students who do not participate in the Guaranteed Transfer Program must meet the university transfer requirements in effect at the time of application for admission.

For information regarding transfer programs and services at UWL, email the Admissions Office at or call (608) 785-8939.

Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Transfer Policy

The UW System undergraduate transfer policy permits UWL to transfer up to 30 general education credits in communications, behavioral sciences and social sciences, mathematics and natural sciences from WTCS non-college parallel associate degree programs. In certain cases where the WTCS credit is not acceptable for transfer, students will have an opportunity to earn credit by examination if the academic department offers an appropriate exam. Program-to-program agreements with the Wisconsin Technical College System allow students to transfer additional credits with or without the associate degree. For details, contact the UWL Admissions Office.

Program-to-Program Agreements

In addition to the Wisconsin Technical College System program-to-program agreements (see WTCS transfer policy), other agreements have been established with Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College, Palmer College of Chiropractic, College of St. Catherine, Lake Superior College, Northeast Iowa Community College, University of Minnesota, UW-Madison, UW-Platteville, UW-Milwaukee and South Central University of Nationalities, China. For details, contact the UWL Admissions Office.