University Wide Learning (UWL)

Interdisciplinary course
Contact: Betsy Morgan or Sharie Brunk
145 Graff Main Hall or 08 Wilder Hall
(608)785-5400 or (608)785-8314

+ next to a course number indicates a General Education course.

+ UWL 100 Cr. 1 First Year Student Seminar

Students of this course will, individually and together in groups, pursue the question "What does it mean to be an educated person?" This question will be examined from many perspectives, particularly through three secondary questions: 1) What are the skills of an educated person? 2) What are the intellectual dispositions? 3) What contexts are needed? In pursuing these questions, students will practice and acquire the basic habits and patterns of inquiry through reading, discussion, writing, and involvement in campus activities. Course meets for 12 weeks.