Installment Billing

All students are required to pay a nonrefundable $100 tuition deposit before registering for classes. This is in addition to the $75 deposit paid by students who choose to live in a residence hall.

The balance of semester charges for tuition, room and board is due not later than the posted due date; however, the university also offers an installment credit plan. Under this plan, students receive a bill for their remaining charges. They may elect either to pay the bill in full without interest by the billing due date or pay one-half of the balance due and be billed one month later for the remainder plus interest.

Students who wish to use the payment plan must file an "Application for Installment Credit" form available in the Cashier's Office, 121 Graff Main Hall. All students are urged to apply for the credit plan even though they may not intend to use it when they register for the first time. The agreement will cover all subsequent semester billings.

Note: There is no installment payment plan available for summer session or J Term enrollment.