Benefits for Veterans and Veterans' Dependants

The university is fully approved for the education of veterans and veterans' dependents under both federal and state programs. New students who qualify for benefits should report to the Veterans Benefits Coordinator in the Records and Registration Office, 117 Graff Main Hall, before or during registration. After this initial contact, registered students should keep the benefits coordinator apprised of their status and needs each semester.

If you receive support from veteran programs, you are required to report to the Records and Registration Office after registering for classes each semester to complete an enrollment verification form. The university certifies your attendance and credit load to the Veterans Administration based on the enrollment verification form.

Payments of veterans' benefits depend on the number of credits carried. Students should carry at least 12 credits to receive full benefits under most programs. Payment will be awarded according to the schedule below.


    Undergraduate Credits Enrollment/ Benefits Status
   12+ Fulltime
   9-11 3/4 time
   6-8 1/2 time