Withdrawal from Classes

Any student may withdraw from a class until one week beyond midterm of a semester or summer session. All withdrawals from classes after the "drop/add change-of-schedule" period are recorded with a "W" on the student's permanent academic record along with the official date of withdrawal. Half-term courses (either semester or summer session) or short-term courses have withdrawal time limits established on a basis prorated to withdrawal dates for full-term courses. You must obtain either your adviser's or the instructor's signature during this time period. No student is permitted to withdraw from a class later than one week beyond midterm of a semester or summer session. Only a grade of "F" or "I" may be recorded for any student who enters this time period and fails to complete a course. (Exceptions See "Withdrawal from the University")

The number of class withdrawals permitted for students is limited as follows:

  1. Each student shall be allowed unlimited class withdrawals during the first two semesters of attendance, excluding summer session.
  2. After the first two semesters, a student shall be allowed four class withdrawals during the balance of his/her undergraduate career at this university, including summer sessions.
  3. Drops effected during the "drop/add change-of-schedule" period are not counted as class withdrawals.
  4. A student who withdraws from all classes is considered to have withdrawn from the university (see the section "Withdrawal from the University" which follows). The classes from which the student withdraws at the time the withdrawal from the university is completed shall not count against the withdrawal total.
  5. The dean of a student's college may grant exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Decisions by a dean in this regard cannot be appealed to the Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS).

Any student enrolled for only one class who wishes to withdraw from that class must complete withdrawal procedures as outlined in the section titled "Withdrawal from the University".

Failure to follow the prescribed procedures and to observe the prescribed time limits for withdrawal from classes will result in the recording of failing grades in discontinued courses.

  • Note: If a student withdraws from or fails to complete a course taken as a "repeat," the original grade earned will be reinstated immediately in the overall grade point average calculation.