Business Administration (BUS)

College of Business Administration

Business Administration Minor

(All colleges, excluding the College of Business Administration) - 34-36 credits - CS 101 or 120; ECO 110, 120; ACC 221, 222; BUS 205; MTH 175 (or 207), MTH 145 (or equivalent); MGT 308; MKT 309; FIN 355. Completion of six of the lower level courses is prerequisite for enrollment in upper level courses. Grades of "C" or better are required in ECO 110, 120; ACC 221, 222; BUS 205.

BUS 205 Cr. 3 The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business

This course introduces students to ethical theory and decision-making models, as well as the legal framework in which American business operates, the substantive legal rules that govern American business domestically and internationally, and the ethical and social responsibility implications of business conduct within the legal environment. Governmental efforts to regulate business activity by statute and administrative agency rules and decisions are emphasized. Prerequisite: ECO 110 or ECO 120 and 30 credit hours. Offered Fall, Spring.

BUS 230 Cr. 3 Business and Economics Research and Communication

The study of the scientific method as used in business and economics research, beginning with the identification of the problem and culminating in the final report. Analysis of the reliability and validity of data, effectiveness of presentation, and a critical study of the validity of conclusions. Prerequisites: Completion of the College of Business Administration English requirements, CS 101 or CS 103 and 104; MTH 145. Offered Fall, Spring, Summer.

BUS 240 Cr. 3 Introduction to International Business

The course serves as an introduction to the field of international business and relates it to both the functional areas of business and to the basic disciplines which define the international environment. Within this frame of reference, the course focuses on the problems and opportunities which arise when firms conduct business abroad. Offered occasionally.

BUS 305 Cr. 3 Business Law

Introduces the common law subjects of contracts, agency and torts; the Uniform Commercial Code’s treatment of sales contracts; and criminal law issues relevant to management decision-making. Prerequisite: BUS 205. Offered Fall, Spring.

BUS 400 Cr. 1 Foreign Study Tour

This course and accompanying tour will give students an opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge of a foreign city and/or region. The class will prepare students for international travel in general, and for the experience of visiting selected cities/areas. The specific cities/areas to be visited may vary by semester and by professor. Students are encouraged to meet with prospective professors/leaders early so that the students' interests will best be served. To be taken concurrently with INS 226. Prerequisite: MGT 308, FIN 355, MKT 309, and permission of instructor. Notes: 1) class is open only to those students participating in the class tour which will generally be for two weeks and commence at the end of the regular semester; 2) students who enroll in the class/tour will be asked to make a nonrefundable deposit prior to the beginning of the semester. Offered occasionally.

BUS 405 Cr. 3 The Law of International  Business Transactions

Examines the legal problems that arise when business activities and organizations cross national boundaries and become multinational in structure, operation, and scope. Specific attention is paid to the legal effects of international business decisions; doing business in market, non-market and developing nations; the movement of goods, people and information across national borders; protection of intellectual property, international dispute resolution; international contracts; and the extra-territoriality of U.S. law. Prerequisite: BUS 205. Offered Spring.  

BUS 415 Cr. 3 Current Topics in Law

Examination of current legal problems as they relate to business. Offered occasionally.