Scholarships, Awards, and Short Term Loans

Many scholarships and awards have been established by alumni, faculty and staff, parents, students, businesses, and organizations. Recipients are selected by scholarship committees on the basis of an application, grade point average and other materials as deemed appropriate by departmental committees. Scholarships are presented to students whose qualifications best fit the stipulations of the donor. Approximately one-half million dollars is awarded each year. Amounts vary annually based on funding from gifts or investment earnings available from a fund. Almost all scholarships are contingent upon full-time enrollment both fall and spring semesters at UW-L. Scholarships and awards are usually paid for the academic year in two payments, the first half in the fall semester and the other half in the spring semester.

Information about all scholarships administered by the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Foundation, Inc. is available on the Web at

Scholarship applications are also available to currently enrolled students at the UW-L Foundation Office, Cleary Alumni and Friends Center. Some scholarships require specific applications. Freshman applicants must submit the Freshman Scholarship Application. All applications (unless otherwise indicated) must be submitted to the UW-L Foundation Office. Applications are submitted to various offices that offer scholarships based on academic majors; please refer to the scholarship Web site. The deadline for entering freshman scholarship applications is February 15 each year. The deadline for continuing student applications is March 1 each year. Scholarships and awards are announced at the honors reception set for the last Monday in April. For more information, call the Advancement Office at 608.785.8489.

The Foundation also administers an interest-free, short-term emergency loan program to students in need, provided they are enrolled for a full credit load of non-repeat courses. The Financial Aid Office,  215 Graff Main Hall, has more information and application forms.