Audit Policy

You may audit courses under the following arrangements:

  1. You must receive consent of the department chair and the instructor offering the course.
  2. No change from audit to credit will be permitted after the first week of classes. No change from credit to audit will be permitted after the first half of a semester or summer session. Shorter courses have prorated deadlines.
  3. No credit will be granted for any course that is audited. "Aud" will appear on your permanent academic record. The "AS""AU" grading system is used for auditors. (The grade will not affect your GPA.)
  4. An audited course may be repeated for credit in another semester or term.
  5. Appropriate fees are to be paid for the course.
  6. Courses being audited are not usable to establish fulltime or part-time status for any type of eligibility, such as for athletic participation, student grants/loans, or loan deferment.
  7. Courses being audited may not be taken in excess of student load limits for credit generating courses without special "overload" permission from your academic dean.
  8. A course previously completed for credit may be audited in another term.