Credit by Examination and Retroactive Credit Policy

A. All credits earned by examination or through retroactive credit will have full academic value (i.e., they will count toward the total required for graduation and, if applicable, fulfill prerequisite requirements for advanced courses, General Education requirements, college core requirements and/or major/minor requirements.)

B. Credit will be entered but no grade will be recorded on the permanent academic record.

C. Credits earned in this manner will not be counted in determining the grade point average.

D. Credits earned by examination will not be counted as part of a student’s course load.

E. A maximum of 32 semester credits earned in this manner at other accredited institutions will be accepted as transfer credits.

         F. Restrictions:

  1. The maximum credits one may earn by examination is 32 credits; 16 for an associate degree.
  2. No student will be permitted to attempt to receive credit by examination for a particular course more than once.
  3. A student may earn credits by examination only after admission to and enrollment at UW-L. A student will be regarded as "regularly admitted and enrolled" after attending on a fulltime or part-time basis and paying the appropriate fees in a regular semester or summer session.
  4. No one who has received a final grade in a course or an "incomplete" may earn credit by examination for the same course.
  5. A student may not receive credit by examination or retroactive credit for a course they are auditing or have audited at UW-L.
  6. No student who has withdrawn from a UW-L course after the first four weeks may earn credit for the course by examination.

Types of credit by examination and retroactive credits.