Removal of an Incomplete

An Incomplete ("I") will be removed when the student submits all work due. An Incomplete must be removed and a final grade recorded in the Records and Registration Office no later than midterm of the second term in residence, following the term in which the incomplete was incurred. (Only fall and spring semesters are counted as terms.) A dean may approve a petition for a time extension.

In order to remove an Incomplete, the student must make arrangements with the instructor for the satisfactory completion of the work remaining to be done in the course. This work was indicated on the "Information Sheet for Filing of an Incomplete Grade" that was submitted by the student and the instructor when the "I" was originally requested.

When the work has been completed the instructor submits a final grade, which must also be approved by the department chair and the student’s dean. If the deadline for completion is not met, a grade of "F" will be recorded automatically at the time stated above. If the instructor indicated a grade other than "F" on the information sheet that was filed, that grade will be used instead of "F".

Note: A student should never register again for any course to remove a previously recorded Incomplete unless the "I" grade has been converted to "F". This conversion of the "I" must be done prior to re-enrollment. The grade earned in repetition will supersede the "F" recorded, according to established regulations for course repetition.