Your semester bill includes instructional fees (tuition) and segregated fees. The tuition charge is established by the Board of Regents. The fees are determined by the student government with the support of campus administration. They fund student services including the health center, textbook rental, student centers and the childcare center and activities such as athletics, intramurals and other organized activities.


Undergraduate course textbooks are available on a rental basis through the Textbook Rental Service. Textbook rental, for undergraduates, is included in the semester segregated fee. Undergraduates may purchase rental textbook titles through the University Bookstore on a special order basis. Students enrolled in graduate courses are expected to purchase their textbooks, which are available through the University Bookstore.

Health Service

If you meet student health service requirements and pay the segregated fee at registration, you are eligible to receive outpatient care, physical therapy, radiography and laboratory service in the Health Center. Students carrying seven credits or more are automatically charged the segregated fee. Students carrying less than seven credits may choose to pay a health service fee. (click here for a description of health care facilities and medical requirements for entering students.)

The following services are not provided: medicines, eye refraction, care of families of married students, medical and surgical consultation outside of the Health Center, ambulance service, emergency room visits, hospitalization, house calls or after hours visits, dental visits, premarital examinations, pregnancy care, infertility studies, sterilization procedures, or abortion.

Check your current insurance policy to make sure you have adequate coverage for services not provided by the Health Center. If you do not have health insurance coverage, you may enroll in a student group insurance plan. If your current policy will expire during the school year, plan to purchase student group insurance at the beginning of the semester in which existing coverage will cease.