The UW System remedial education policy was approved by the Board of Regents in November 1988. Remediation data supports the notion that a high percentage of students needing remediation in the skills area (English/math) continue to be successful college students.


Placement and registration in English and math courses is determined by using the scores earned on the Wisconsin Regional Placement Exams and the American College Test (ACT). Students not demonstrating adequate competency in English and/or math, will be required to enroll in remedial courses(s). ENG 050, MTH 050, and MTH 051 are courses designed for students whose test scores indicate a low probability for success in college-level courses. These credits do not count toward graduation. Any student may enroll in ENG 050 or MTH 050. Students who are required to take ENG 050 or MTH 050 must complete the requirement(s) prior to earning 30 degree credits or they will not be allowed to register in higher level English or math courses until they have successfully completed the remedial course(s). Students who place into MTH 051 may be required to enroll in this course for some majors; for other majors it is recommended. ENG 050 is graded pass/fail; MTH 050 and 051 are letter-graded (F counts as credits attempted and is averaged into GPA; other grades do not.)