Departmental Honors Program

Departmental honors programs are available in biology, economics, English, geography, microbiology, modern languages, philosophy, physics, political science/public administration, psychology and sociology/archaeology. Designed to provide opportunities for special in-depth research, reading and writing for majors in the departments listed above, department honors programs also emphasize independent and creative work with highly personalized student-teacher contact and discussion.  

The minimum requirements for all departmental honors programs are: Admission: junior standing, 12 credits in major, 3.25 cumulative grade point average in the major, recommendation of two faculty members from major department.

Program: completion of the regular major, one course in a seminar, independent study, research study, or other appropriate honors options within the major program of study.

Evaluation: a cumulative 3.50 grade point average at graduation in the major; distinguished performance on a paper or project (a project might be a ballet in the area of the arts, or a study of some aspect of local economic conditions in the area of business), and presentations of the paper or project to a colloquium of faculty and students in the major.  

Note: These are minimum requirements. Honors programs may vary by department. See departmental listings in curriculum section.

Additionally there are numerous honor student organizations.