212 Cartwright Center



University Centers provide services and facilities, as well as educational and cultural programs that enhance the quality of college life. Cartwright Center and Whitney Center are the focal points for student organizations and activities. These facilities are self-amortizing structures financed by student fees, receipts from dining services, and other revenue sources. Cartwright Center provides a variety of activity options for all students, from relaxing in the Port O’ Call Lounge to shopping in the University Bookstore. The La Crosse Room provides a meeting area for student organizations and houses Cartwright Graphics. The graphics services area provides high-quality, low-cost services to student organizations. Study areas, television lounges, Higher One and other ATMs, copy machines, lockers, ride boards, and a computer laboratory are available.  


UW-L Dining Services offer an assortment of different dining locations within Cartwright and Whitney Centers to meet the variety of needs and tastes of the campus community. Students may select from several contract meal plans, block meal plans, and cash/Tower Tender options.


The Leadership and Involvement Center supports and promotes volunteerism and involvement throughout the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and the greater community. To meet this mission the Involvement Center works to: serve as a “bridge” between students, faculty, staff, and the community; provide opportunities and experiences that promote learning and enhance professional and personal growth; provide peer mentoring and advising for co-curricular involvement; promote volunteer opportunities in local, national, and international service organizations; encourage participation in student organizations and in campus activities; and serve as a resource for student organizations regarding involvement and volunteer opportunities.


The Diversity Center is a devoted safe space for students of color, international students, women, LGBTIQQAA students and students with disabilities.  The center offers meeting, study and relaxation spaces, a small computer lab, comfortable furniture, a microwave, television, and refrigerator. The Diversity Center is open to ALL STUDENTS. 


The Pride Center is devoted to serving students, faculty, staff and members of the campus community that may or may not label themselves as queer, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gay, intersex, questioning, asexual, their allies, and students with LGBTIQQAA parents. The center offers panels, educational programs, information, and most importantly, support and advocacy.  We provide LGBTIQQAA specific magazines, books, and videos for check out.


The Campus Activities Board is a student-run programming board that provides entertaining and educational activities for the entire campus community. Events such as small and large concerts, comedians, coffee house acts, and special events are offered to students, faculty, staff, and the community. Several educational events are offered. These activities may include fine arts programming such as theater, music, lecture, and dance. The Distinguished Lecture Series also offers the university community an opportunity to hear speakers of national prominence due to their significant contributions to society.