Faculty advisers are assigned to each student based on academic major. Advisor assignments can be found in the WINGS Student Center. Advisers may be consulted for major and career choices and concerns, course sequencing and selection, and a variety of other issues. Students should schedule a minimum of one conference per semester with their advisers. Frequently this is done when planning next semester’s class schedule.


Other advising resources include the Academic Advising Center, Career Services Office, and the Counseling and Testing Center. The staff in these offices provide academic, career and personal counseling, and make referrals when appropriate. These resources, particularly the Academic Advising Center are useful for students who have not declared an academic major or are uncertain about a major or career.


Academic assistants to the deans are knowledgeable about university policies and procedures. They assign faculty advisers and notify students of their academic status. They determine whether students have completed all General Education, college core, major, minor and university requirements for graduation. You should schedule an appointment with the assistant in your college dean’s office one semester prior to graduation to confirm that all requirements will be met.


The advisement report (AR) is an important advising tool and is available in the WINGS Student Center under “Academic Requirements”. The AR identifies requirements that have been completed and those that remain. Using your AR is the best way to ensure that you are taking exactly the courses you need for graduation. You may be thinking of changing your program of study and wonder how that change would affect your progress. You can use the What If AR to set up and request a simulated or "what-if" advisement report based on alternate programs of study. This provides an opportunity to determine how one’s courses fit into a different major, and what requirements would need to be met. ARs are available in the online WINGS Student Center. If you have any questions about how your courses are applying in the AR, please see your Dean’s Office.