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International Student Services

International student advisers are located in the Office of International Education. The advisers play an important role in assisting new international students in their adjustment to UW-L and life in the United States. Although a primary function is advising students on immigration regulations, the Office of International Education and the international student advisors provide other important services:

  •  pre-arrival information containing details about transportation and arrival, health insurance, housing, life in La   Crosse, and orientation.

  •  orientation programs, scheduled each semester before classes, to acquaint new students with university academics, facilities, and procedures, life in La Crosse, money and banking, immigration laws, and campus and community organizations.

  •  administration of USCIS, DHS, and DOS regulations in areas such as work authorization, transfer of schools, practical training authorization, and extension of stay.

  •  referral services to other university offices and community agencies.

The international student advisor serves as a liaison with other organizations that provide international students various opportunities to meet and interact with people from UW-L and the La Crosse community. Two of these organizations are the La Crosse International Friendship Exchange (LIFE) and La Crosse Friends of International Students (LFIS).


La Crosse International Friendship Exchange (LIFE) is a recognized university student organization that offers membership to U.S. and international students. LIFE offers many social and cultural activities throughout the year that bring together international and U.S. students.


La Crosse Friends of International Students (LFIS) is a community organization which is actively involved with international students at UW-L. This group organizes welcome activities for new international students and coordinates Friendship Families for all interested students.


Academic Programs Aboard

UW-L and the Office of International Education offer students a range of academic programs for full university credit at leading universities well matched to the needs and interests of UW-L students. Program costs are, on average, comparatively less than many other university programs nationwide.


The university encourages you to study in a foreign country to enrich your university training and enhance career opportunities. International study programs provide special opportunities for advanced study of the humanities, social sciences, international business, and the arts. Language study programs are coordinated with modern language course work at UW-L you can continue your progress in an appropriate sequence. The Office of International Education has a resource room with information on UW-L programs including course catalogs, videos, tourist information, etc.


Academic Program Abroad categories:

  1. Exchanges permit students to enroll directly at a foreign university for a semester or year by trading places with a student who comes to UW-L from that university. Exchange students take standard classes in the curriculum and otherwise participate fully as regular students at the host university.

  2. Study abroad programs also allow students to enroll directly at a foreign university, but under the auspices of a specially designed program to accommodate American students.

  3. Study centers are private institutions designed exclusively for American students. They are usually not directly affiliated with a foreign university.

  4. Study tours are short-term excursions or summer programs, led by UW-L faculty which allow students to focus on specific issues, themes, or world regions. Ongoing study tours are offered in Austria, Ireland, Scotland, and China.

  5. Community engagement programs are non-credit bearing study tours that offer students the opportunity to take part in a volunteer or service learning experience abroad.


Listed below are the principal academic programs abroad currently available to UW-L students:





Costa Rica

Czech Republic













The Netherlands






South Africa


United Kingdom


                Academic Programs International (API)


                Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA)

                Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

International Internship Program

Independent Research Abroad


Study in Scotland Program is a between the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, -La Crosse, and -Stout campuses. The program offers students an opportunity to further their academic career with an international experience. Students may select one of three institutions in Scotland:

The University of Aberdeen

The University of Glasgow

The University of Stirling


International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) is an organization of more than 200 higher education institutions around the world including Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the South Pacific. In most cases, ISEP participants register as regular students at the host institutions, take the same courses, and participate in the same activities as local students. Programs are available in almost any field at the undergraduate and graduate level. Many sites offer classes in English while learning the language of the host country.


International Internship Program provides practical experience in the operations of international businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and other international organizations to gain a better understanding of how other cultures live and work. International internships can be coordinated with a foreign study program or completed independently, before or after graduation.


Independent Research Abroad is open to students by application, with superior academic qualifications. Modeled after leading graduate programs, it allows advanced students to spend an extended term in a foreign location completing an individually designed research project. Students prepare their projects in a semester-long seminar prior to their field research. Activities abroad are coordinated with appropriate foreign institutions, libraries, and other resource centers.


Academic Requirements

Selection of the right foreign study program for each student requires careful consideration of the academic, personal, and financial factors that determine a successful international experience. Group and individual advising sessions with the study abroad coordinator assist students in choosing an appropriate program. Applicants for academic programs abroad are expected to have a good record of academic achievements. Programs have minimum grade point average requirements; sophomore or junior standing is required for most programs.


Upon acceptance into a program, you are required to enroll in INS 250, “Orientation to Study Abroad,” a one-credit course designed to prepare students for a successful international experience. This course examines educational, cultural, political, and other issues that affect a student’s adaptation to foreign environments. Students can also elect to enroll in INS 251 “Journaling” and INS 252 “Re-Entry” which fulfill a General Education requirement.


Academic credit is awarded for all programs, subject to approval of transfer by specific departments. Grades are not calculated in students’ UW-L GPA, except for study tours led by UW-L faculty.


Students wishing to participate in non-UW-L foreign study programs may do so pending review and approval by the Office of International Education.


Cost and Financial Aid

The university makes every effort to provide academically sound foreign study programs at reasonable costs. Exchange program fees are based on tuition, room and board at UW-L with some additional administrative fees. Study abroad program fees are set by the sponsoring institution. You may apply financial aid to the cost of the programs. Wisconsin residents are eligible for a need-based grant of up to $2,000. In addition to financial aid, the Office of International Education has information on several scholarships and grants that can be used to offset the cost of studying abroad.