1101 Centennial Hall



1. The Office of Multicultural Student Services promotes excellence in student learning and personal/social development for UW-L multicultural students who are U.S. citizens or refugees. In particular, OMSS provides support services and information to recruit, retain and graduate students of African American, American  Indian, Hispanic/Latino(a), Asian American, bi-racial or multi-ethnic descent.

2. Areas of service and outreach include: Academic Success Institute (summer bridge program); leadership development and advising for multicultural student organizations; academic and financial aid retention; peer tutoring; personal guidance, support and advocacy for students; cultural, educational, and social programming, year-round pre-college programs and tutoring. OMSS models inclusive excellence and supports collaborative efforts that promote human understanding, shared values, and respect for individual differences.


The Academic Success Institute (ASI) 


ASI is a bridge program designed to help first year multicultural and disadvantaged students adjust to a rigorous college routine during the summer before the regular academic year begins. Between 20 and 25 students are enrolled for six weeks of intensive instruction in college level courses and related college experiences. The institute’s records have provided proof that retention and grade point averages can be improved appreciably by this transitional academic experience between high school and college.


Students interested in attending the ASI must fit one or more of the following criteria: 1) first generation college student (neither parent graduated from a four-year college or university); 2) need support to successfully obtain a college degree; 3) from a historically underserved group; 4) economically disadvantaged. Submitting an application for admission to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is a requirement for participation. Students will also complete an ASI application and be interviewed prior to acceptance into the program. Applications for ASI are accepted until program capacity is reached.  For additional questions, please contact the Office of Multicultural Student Services, 1101 Centennial Hall Main Hall, (608) 785-8225.