Many departments in the university have tutors available to assist students who are having difficulty in their classes. Offices such as Student Support Services and Multicultural Students Services also have tutors. Two areas that provide structured tutoring services include the departments of English and Mathematics.


Murphy Learning Center (256 Murphy Library)


Mathematics and Statistics Tutoring:

The Mathematics Department staffs the learning center with mathematics and statistics tutors approximately 60 hours per week. This is a walk-in tutor room where a student can get help with introductory mathematics and statistics courses (numbered through MTH 208). The tutors can help with homework or special projects as well as with the general understanding of concepts. The Learning Center is generally staffed Monday through Thursday 9 am through 9 pm, Fridays 9 am until noon and Sundays noon until 9 pm. Click here for more information.  


The Mathematics Department also maintains a list of private tutors for students to hire. This list is available in the Mathematics Department office, 1020 Cowley Hall.


Tutoring in the Sciences:

The Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology and Physics have tutors available in the Murphy Learning Center. For information about courses and hours, see your instructor or the department web pages.


Writing Center

The English Department operates a Writing Center in the Learning Center in Murphy Library, Room 256. It is directed by a writing center coordinator and is staffed primarily by trained peer tutors (UW-L students). The center is open at no cost to all students who seek help with their writing in any class. Students may be referred to the center by their professors, but many students come to the center on their own. Students should make appointments to be tutored, but drop-ins are welcome if tutors are available.


Writing Center staff assists students at any stage of the composing process: understanding an assignment; finding a topic; identifying audience, purpose, and occasion; developing material; planning and organizing; writing a rough draft; and revising. The staff does not proofread student papers. Click here for more information.