This is a 32 credit minor* including six credits in history, eight credits in foreign language, 15 credits in professional business courses and three credits in selected electives. Students, especially non-business majors, must pay careful attention to the prerequisites for the professional business courses as stated in the course description.

Required Courses
A. HST 151, World History to 1500 - 3 cr.; HST 152, Roots of the Modern World - 3 cr.

B. Foreign Language - 8 cr.(one year in the same language)**

C. professional business courses - 15 cr.

1. MKT 341, International Marketing

2. FIN 440, Multinational Financial Management

3. MGT 430, Comparative Management

4. ECO 340, Introduction to International Economics

5. One course from the following:ACC 447; ECO 311, 375, 441; FIN 477; MGT 360, 405, 431, 452, 484; MKT 440, 445

D. one course from the following - 3 cr. ANT 203 Culture and EcologyECO 311 Comparative Economic Systems (may not be used if elected in C. 5 above)GEO 110 World Cultural Regions POL 443 Introduction to International Political Risk

It is the student's responsibility to confirm prerequisites for the above requirements. Prerequisites are stated in the catalog description of each course.

College of Business Administration Majors are required to complete at least 18, of the 32, credits in addition to those which may be applied to General Education or their major.