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Curriculum options indicated by code letters preceding each program title are:
- (m) Minor
- (M) Undergraduate Major
- (t) leads to Wisconsin teacher certification
__ (G) Graduate Program

College of Business Administration
- mM Accountancy
- mG Business Administration
- mMt Economics
- M Finance
- M Risk and Insurance concentration
- m International Business
- M Management with tracks in:
General Management and Technology
Human Resources
International Management
Management Information Systems
- M Marketing

College of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
- G Adult Fitness/Cardiac Rehabilitation
- MG Community Health Education
- M Exercise and Sport Science with emphases in:
- M Athletic Training
- M Fitness
- M Sport Management
- Mt Physical Education
- G General
Physical Education-Teaching
Sport Administration
- G Human Performance
Concentrations in:
-t Coaching Competitive Athletics
-t Special Physical Education Strength and Conditioning
- mMtG School Health Education
- mMG Recreation Management
- MG Therapeutic Recreation

School of Education
- G College Student Development and Administration
- mt Early Childhood Education
- G Education-Professional Development
- Mt Elementary/Middle Education
- mt Instructional Media
- G Reading
- mMt Science (Broadfield)
- mMt Social Studies (Broadfield)
- mGt Special Education
Emotional Disturbance
Learning Disabilities
Child/Youth Care emphasis

College of Liberal Studies
- mt Anthropology
- M Archaeology
- m Criminal Justice
- mMt English
- m Creative Writing
- m Professional Writing
- m Environmental Studies
Ethnic and Racial Studies
- mMt French
- M Business concentration
General Honors
- mMt German Studies
Gerontology emphasis
- mMt History
Public History emphasis
- m International Studies
- m European emphasis
- m Latin American emphasis
Military Science
- mM Philosophy
- mMt Political Science
- mM Psychology
- mM Public Administration
- G School Psychology
- mMt Sociology
- mMt Spanish
- M Business concentration
- mt Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
- m Women's Studies

School of Arts and Communication
- mMt Art
- mM Communication Studies
with emphases in:
- mM Interpersonal
- mM Public Relations and
- mM Rhetoric and Public
- mM Telecommunication
- mM Music
with emphases in:
- Mt Choral
- Mt General
- M History
- Mt Instrumental
- M Jazz Performance
- M Performance
- M Piano Pedagogy
- M Theory
- m Photography
- mM Theatre Arts
with emphases in:
- M Design/Technical
- M General Studies
- M Performance

College of Science and Allied Health
- mMtG Biology
with concentrations in:
- MG Aquatic Science
- M Biomedical Science
- MG Cellular and Molecular
- G Clinical Microbiology
- M Environmental Science
- G Microbiology
- G Nurse Anesthesia
- G Physiology
- mMt Chemistry
with concentrations in:
- M Business
- M Environmental Science
- m Computational Science
- mMt Computer Science
- mt Earth Science
- m Geoarchaeology
- mMt Geography
with concentrations in:
- M Applied Geography
- M Environmental Science
- mMt Mathematics
- M Statistics emphasis
- M Medical Laboratory Science
- M Microbiology
- M Occupational Therapy
- G Physical Therapy
- M Physician Assistant Studies
- mMt Physics
with emphases in:
- mM Astronomy
- M Computational
- M Optical
- M Business concentration
- M Radiation Science:
Nuclear Medicine Technology
- M Radiation Science:
Radiation Therapy
- m Statistics

The university offers pre-professional studies for Architecture, Chiropractic, Dentistry, Engineering, Forestry, (Natural Resources, Conservation, Wildlife Management), Law, Medicine, Nursing, Optometry, Osteopathy, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Podiatry, Social Work, and Veterinary Medicine.


This catalog is a record of undergraduate programs, courses, policies, staff and facilities as of April 1, 1999. The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse reserves the right to change any of the information in this catalog at any time and without giving prior notice. This catalog does not establish a contractual relationship. For a further explanation of your rights and responsibilities as a student please see the Welcome and Note to Students section.

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