Associate Professor: Hope Hagar

Undergraduate courses in social work are open to students in all schools and colleges within the university. These courses have been designed to fulfill requirements in health and human service programs, the Child and Youth Care Emphasis, and the Gerontology Emphasis.

SWK 210 Cr. 3
Overview of Child and Youth Care
An introduction to fundamental concepts associated with child and youth care with different client populations in various service settings. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.

SWK 330 Cr. 2
Helping Skills for Health and Human Service Practitioners
An introduction to the Generalist Helping Process, the theory that underlies helping relationships, and the generic components of interviewing. Emphasis will be placed on the student's development and demonstration of fundamental interviewing skills through hands-on training experiences. Prerequisite: junior standing. Offered occasionally.

SWK 350 Cr. 3
Overview of Child Welfare
An orientation to child welfare problems and services. Course content includes child protective services and legal or ethical issues in working with children. Prerequisite: junior standing.

SWK 370 Cr. 3
Human Development: Applications for Health and Human Service Practitioners
An overview of theories of human development, with emphasis on the application of theoretical precepts to case examples. Prerequisite: junior standing. Offered occasionally.

SWK 390 Cr. 3
Care Issues and Service Options for Older Persons
An exploration of the systemic needs of older persons, as well as community attitudes, policies, and resources related to changes in later life. Prerequisite: junior standing. Offered once a year.