Intramural Champions

2006-07 Championship Photos

Fall 2006
Women's A Doubles Brownies
Women's B Doubles Sara Gorski
Men's Singles Plastic
Men's A Doubles Bobby
Men's B Doubles Paper
Co-Rec Doubles Bobby's 2 World
6's Volleyball  
Women's A Caulitos Angels
Women's B Oh Snap
Co-Rec A Sweet Spot
Co-Rec B Division 1 Chicken Nuggets
Co-Rec B Division 2 Dwight Schrute
Flag Football  
Men's Division 1 The Grey Shirts
Men's Division 2 13/6
Co-Rec The Gladiators
Indoor Soccer  
Co-Rec Division 1 Myojins of Infinite Rage
Co-Rec Division 2 Spinnaz
Men's Division 1 Dew Crew
Men's Division 2 Splat Man

Outdoor Ultimate Frisbee
Co-Rec Division 1 No Mercy Seriously
Co-Rec Division 2 Unknown
Men's Singles Division 1 Undefeated
Men's Singles Division 2 Patrick Collins
Women's Singles Division 1
Humm Backboard
Women's Singles Division 2 Olivia Scurek
Men's Doubles Division 1
The Best Team Here
Men's Doubles Division 2 Prancin' Pirate Penguins
Women's Doubles Division 1 Players of Age
Women's Doubles Division 2 Quick Like A bunny
Co-Rec Doubles Division 1
Co-Rec Doubles Division 2 Caleb & Jenny
Men's A Shawn Kemp's Kids
Men's B Division 1 The Aging Dynasty
Men's B Division 2 En Fuego 2
Men's B Division 3 Motley Crew
Women's Division 1 The Women
Women's Division 2 Captain Planet
Co-Rec Division 1 Shake & Bake
Co-Rec Division 2 Bike Gang

Spring 2007
4's Volleyball  
Men's Free Ball That
Women's Division 1 Four Play
Women's Division 2 Fantastic Four
Co-Rec Division 1 Sweet Spot
Co-Rec Division 2 Shaw
Co-Rec Division 1 Recers
Co-Rec Division 2 Grape Drinks
Men's A Grape Drink
Men's Division 1 Elkmouth
Men's Division 2 Brojjamang
Men's Division 3 Team Blue Stripe
Women's Division 1 Dime Droppers
Women's Division 2 Second String
Men's Division 1 Steve Dew
Men's Division 2 Team Kill Shot
Floor Hockey  
Men's Tom Makers
Women's What the Puck
Men's Singles Luke Ritt
Women's Singles Human Blackboard
Men's Doubles A Bulldogs
Men's Doubles B 80-kg
Women's Doubles A The Two Racqueteers
Women's Doubles B The Foosa
Co-Rec A Hoody's
Co-Rec B We're Cocky
Indoor Ultimate Frisbee  
Co-Rec No Mercy...Seriously
Indoor Soccer
Co-Rec Lax Landers
Men's OSMA Acts
Women's Storm
Men's Division 1 Three Peat
Men's Division 2 Mankalopes
Women's Division 1 hit n' Run
Co-Rec Division 1 Loud Noises
Co-Rec Division 2 One More Time
Men's Doubles A Take 2
Men's Singles Brain
Women's Doubles Christina
Women's Singles Michelle Ikkala
Co-Rec Doubles Flaming Goats