Intramural Champions

2010-11 Championship Photos

Fall 2010
Sand Volleyball  
4's Co-Rec SERS
Golf Scramble  
2010 Eric Johnson and Zach Zellner
Men's B Doubles One Hit Wonders
Women's A Doubles Minnesota Xtreme
Men's Singles Crooks
Women's B Doubles Spicey Pisces
Men's A Doubles Defending Champs
Co-Rec Doubles Tenzin & Megan
6's Volleyball  
Men's Wild Armz 2
Women's A Barracudas
Women's B Skittles
Co-Rec A Short Bus
Co-Rec B Division 1 Practice Safe Sets
Co-Rec B Division 2 We Spike The Truth
Co-Rec B Division 3 Bump and Grind
Flag Football  
Men's Division 1 Two Ninas
Men's Division 2 Rodger That
Men's Division 3 LT's Leftovers
Co-Rec The Manhattan Project
Indoor Soccer  
Men's Thunderducks
Women's Hotter Than Wasabi
Co-Rec Division 1 Zero Gravity
Co-Rec Division 2 Strangers With Candy
Paddle Battle Tournament  
Singles Tom Kurutz
Open Singles Zach Trilling
Outdoor Ultimate Frisbee  
Co-Rec A The Apostles
Co-Rec B The Dingleberries
CoRec Headshots
Table Tennis
Men's Singles Drew McIlquham
Open Doubles Who Are We Playing
Men's Singles Division 1 Joe Jackson
Men's Singles Division 2 Ryan Rudesill
Women's Singles Katherine Balfany
Men's Doubles Tune Squad
Women's Doubles Division 1 JT
Women's Doubles Division 2 Defo U Know
Co-Rec Doubles Aaron Brock
Men's A Old Guys
Men's B D1 D-Unit
Men's B D2 Oops All Berries
Men's B D3 Los Lobos
Women's D1 Lady Ballers
Women's D2 Jena Tollefson
Co-Rec A Manley 22
Co-Rec B D1 Supinators
Co-Rec B D2 Big Shooters
Bowl Pick 'EM  
2010-11 Chris Steffes

Spring 2011
4's Volleyball  
Men's Just the Tip
Women's D1 Barracudas
Women's D2 Fourplay
Co-Rec A Veterans Revenge
Co-Rec B D1 Original Spiked Punch
Co-Rec B D2 Connect Four
Indoor Soccer  
Co-Rec Internationals
Co-Rec A Payne Train Handlebars
Co-Rec B D1 Snookis Pickle
Co-Rec B D2 Players With Benefits
Men's A Yahtzee
Men's B D1 Drippin Wet
Men's B D2 Ruff Ryderz
Men's B D3 Hard to the Hole
Women's Eagle Ballers
Basketball Skills Competition  
2-Ball Contest Mackenzie Hunter & Riley Arnold
3-Point Contest T. Parks
Table Tennis  
Open Singles Drew McIlquham
Open Doubles We Won
March Madness
Bracket Challenge
Men's Bracket M. Field
Women's Bracket Ryan Rudesill
4 on 4 Indoor Flag Football  
Men's Under Six Feet
Open Singles Kyle Kaster
Floor Hockey

Men's Singles Over the Hill
Men's Doubles 2X
Women's Doubles Verbanac
Co-Rec Team PNR
6's Volleyball  
Men's Bruins
Women's A Blizzard
Women's B Division 1 Prime
Women's B Division 2 Average Janes
Co-Rec A That's What She Said
Co-Rec B Division 1 We Spike The Truth
Co-Rec B Division 2 Penetration
Indoor Ultimate Frisbee  
Co-Rec Last Minute Misfits
Outdoor Soccer
Men's Internationals 1
Women's Gold Diggers
Co-Rec D1 Strangers with Candy
Men's Big Sticks
Women's ASDF 9
Co-Rec D1 Thanks for Playing
Co-Rec D2 Team Weezy
Co-Rec D3 Justin Biebers Left Quadricep
Co-Rec Headshots
Bag Toss Tournament  
Open Doubles DSP
Men's Doubles Tune Squad
Men's Singles Kyle
Women's Doubles Get Smashed
Women's Singles Ellie
Co-Rec Doubles Roll Tide
Outdoor Tennis Tournament
Open Singles Travis Weigel