Intramural Champions

2012-13 Championship Photos

Campus Cup Champions
Fall 2012 Spring 2013
Fall 2012
SandBlast Bumpin' Uglies
Bag Toss 4 Baggers
Golf Scramble Kasey and Austin
Paddle Battle - Leaders  
Women's A Doubles Bye Bye Birdies
Women's B Doubles Double A
Men's Singles Nguyen
Men's Doubles Team Fedex
Co-Rec Doubles Danny & Alexis
6's Volleyball  
Women's A Angels
Women's B Team Sparkly
Men's Ya Dig?
Co-Rec A Bouncefest
Co-Rec B Division 1 Net Rockers
Co-Rec B Division 2 Back Again
Co-Rec B Division 3 R3CIE$ 4 Lyfe
Flag Football  
Co-Rec Manhatten Project
Men's Division 1 Balloon Knotz
Men's Division 2 Dream Team
Men's Division 3 Show Us The TD's
Floor Hockey  
Men's Phantoms
Co-Rec Party On Wayne
Indoor Soccer  
Women's Kicks Grass
Men's Goal Getters
Co-Rec Division 1 Strangers With Candy
Co-Rec Division 2 Not Having Fun
Outdoor Ultimate Frisbee  
Co-Rec Great Value
Co-Rec We Got The Runs
Co-Rec Head Shots
Singles Open M Blazel
Doubles Open GYCB
Men's Goal Getters
Women's Hot Mess
Co-Rec Tinkerbell
Women's Singles Masha
Women's Doubles Domination Station
Men's Singles Michael
Men's Doubles GYCB
Co-Rec Doubles GYCB
Women's Division 1 Zooming Ahead
Women's Division 2 Shots Shots Shots
Men's A Drippin' Wet
Men's B Division 1 Markmellows
Men's B Division 2 Showtime
Men's B Division 3 Plan B
Co-Rec A Glass Pounders
Co-Rec B Division 1 Scott Egan
Co-Rec B Division 2 Gators
Indoor Ultimate  
Co-Rec Down to Palpate
Fantasy Football  
Patriots League Bruce Schmitz
NFL Pick 'EM  
Champion Connie Sackmann
  Mark Palmer
Bowl Pick 'EM  
Champion Ryan Rudesill
Spring 2013
4's Volleyball  
Women's A CEP Girls
Women's B Spiked Punch
Men's Bouncefest
Co-Rec A Ducks
Co-Rec B Division 1 Orginal Spiked Punch
Co-Rec B Division 2 Triflers
Women's Hot Mess
Men's Bayer Neverlusen
Co-Rec Goalinometers
Women's Division 1 Ball So Hard
Men's B Division 1 Drippin Wet
Men's B Division 2 Wombat Posse
Men's B Division 3 Freshness
Co-Rec A Balls So Hard
Co-Rec B Division 1 Blue Chips
Co-Rec B Division 2 Peaches N Cream
Co-Rec Backdoor Sliders
Co-Rec Doubles GYCB
Open Singles GYCB-Trisha
March Madness Bracket Challenge
Men's Bracket Eric Krystowiak
Women's Bracket Lindsey Clauer
Paddle Battle VII  
Singles Evan Enquist
Outdoor 3 v. 3 Basketball  
Women's The Three Stooges
Men's Check Ma Vert
Open Singles GYCB
Open Doubles GYCB-MM
Women's  Doubles Smash Sisters
Men's Singles Team Fed Ex
Men's Doubles GYCB
Co-Rec A Doubles GYCB
Co-Rec B Doubles Tiramisu
Indoor Flag Football  
Men's Quick Is Deadly
6's Volleyball  
Women's A Smokin Aces
Women's B Spikeaholics
Women's B AT Nation
Men's Ducks
Co-Rec A Ducks
Co-Rec B Division 1 N.O. Xplode
Co-Rec Division 2 Swerve Doe
Co-Rec B Division 3 Lights Out
Indoor Ultimate Frisbee  
Floor Hockey  
Men's Flowgasms
Co-Rec Busty Bruins
Outdoor Soccer
Women's Hot Mess
Men's Graveyard Boyz
Co-Rec Division E. Altenburg
Women's Screwballs
Men's LAX City Eagles
Co-Rec Saved By The Balls
Co-Rec Team Derfus
Bag Toss Tournament  
Open Doubles Bags Deep
Women's Doubles Two Girls, One Love
Co-Rec Doubles Right Pocket
Men's Singles M. Thompson
Men's Doubles 421 Material
Summer 2013
3 v 3 Basketball A Lil' Bit of Everything
3 v 3 Soccer  
Sand Volleyball