Intramural Champions

2013-14 Championship Photos

Campus Cup Champions
Fall 2013 Spring 2014
Fall 2013
SandBlast Bouncefest
Bag Toss Tournament Always in the Hole
Golf Scramble Golf Ballers
Paddle Battle  
October Nick Skanavis
December Christian Wendland
Men's Singles BOPF Cousins Subs
Men's Doubles A Wheelin' em'
Men's Doubles B Poker
Women's Doubles A Team Unagi
Women's Doubles B AT Nation
Co-Rec Doubles Angry Birdies
6's Volleyball  
Men's Bouncefest
Women's A Crash and Burn
Women's B Division 1 Victorious Secret
Women's B Division 2 AT Nation
Co-Rec A Ducks
Co-Rec B Division 1 Orville Rediblockers
Co-Rec B Division 2 Team Strugglin
Co-Rec B Division 3 Donuts Make Me Go Nuts
Flag Football  
Co-Rec Tackle-Me Elmos
Men's A Furd Turgeson
Men's B Division 1 Show Us the TD's
Men's B Division 2 Snail Salters
Men's B Division 3 Jared Karis and Friends
Floor Hockey
Co-Rec One Asian and Friends
Men's Jorts
Indoor Soccer  
Co-Rec Division 1 SWC
Co-Rec Division 2 Malicious Minions
Women's Victorious Secret
Men's Real La Crosse
Outdoor Ultimate Frisbee  
Co-Rec Thysical Pherapists
Co-Rec Team Derfus
Open Singles Blazin' Saddles
Open Doubles Ricketts
Co-Rec Tinkerbell
Men's Me Gusta Pimientos
Women's Back That Pass Up
Men's Singles Rasputin
Men's Doubles Rocket Power
Women's Singles Julia
Women's Doubles Repeats
Co-Rec Alumni
Men's A Nikes On My Feet
Men's B Division 1 Team Jabba
Men's B Division 2 Thundercats
Men's B Division 3 Team Awesome
Women's Yao Know What I Ming?
Co-Rec A R3Cie$4Lyfe
Co-Rec B Division 1 Polka Champs
Co-Rec B Division 2 Tropics
Indoor Ultimate  
Co-Rec Dirty Discgusting D's
Co-Rec Johnny Power
Spring 2014
4's Volleyball  
Co-Rec A Do It For The Memories
Co-Rec B Division 1 I'd Hit That
Co-Rec B Division 2 Set to Kill
Men's We Dig 4Play
Women's A Victorious Secret
Women's B Shotties
Bag Toss  
Open League Redbirds
Co-Rec SWC 
Men's We Are Men
Men's A We Get Buckets
Men's B Division 1 Jive Turkey
Men's B Division 2 Tune Squad
Men's C Tenacious D
Women's Shot Callas
Co-Rec A Great Value
Co-Rec B Division 1 Uncle Drew
Co-Rec B Division 2 Thundercats... cats... cats...
Co-Rec The Abusment Park
Co-Rec Balls to the Wall
Open Doubles Happy Feet
Open Singles Racquetball Player
Open Doubles Racquiation Therapy
Sports Trivia TMT
March Madness Bracket Challenge
Men's Triflers (Brittany Lehrer)
Women's Petey Boy (Peter Nycz)
Paddle Battle  
Women's Singles Doogs
Women's Doubles Great Value
Men's A Doubles BOPF-BobLoblawLobsLawBomb
Men's B Doubles AAA Team
Co-Rec A Doubles Kitten Krew
Co-Rec B Doubles Ratchet Racquets
Indoor Flag Football  
Men's GOAT House
6's Volleyball  
Co-Rec A 2nd Time Around
Co-Rec B Division 1 Spiked Punch
Co-Rec B Division 2 Serves Up
Women's A Comin' In Hott 2
Women's B Setsy Ladies
Indoor Ultimate Frisbee  
Co-Rec Huge Discs
Floor Hockey  
Men's One Asian and Friends
Co-Rec Busty Bruins
Big Base
Co-Rec Tinkerbell
Outdoor Soccer
Men's It Doesn't Mata
Women's Goal Diggers
Co-Rec Tinkerbell
Men's Team Blue
Women's Beef Stew
Co-Rec Saved by the Balls
Co-Rec A Team Derfus
Co-Rec B Average Joe's
Bag Toss Tournament Gang Bags
3 v. 3 Soccer Tournament Italy
Co-Rec Doubles Team Tennis
Women's Singles Macy
Women's Doubles Dynamic Duo
Men's Singles Fed Up
Men's Doubles It's About Time
Summer 2014
3 v 3 Soccer  
Sand Volleyball