Rec Sports

Strength Center

Fitness Challenge Tuesday

Location: REC Strength Center                         Time: Tuesday's 8:00am to 2:00pm

Date Activity
1/28 Stork left and Stork right combined time on wobble board
2/4 Blast Strap Rows for reps
2/11 Blast Strap Push-ups for reps
2/18 3 minute Step-up test
2/25 (Body Weight Squats X 15, Push-ups X 15) X 3 for time
3/4 (Step-ups X 10 each, Push-ups X 20) X 3 for time
3/11 (Farmer's walk w/50lbs in each hand 10m down and back, crunches X 30) X 3 for time

One male and one female winner will be awarded each week