Want to see results? Then stop in and see our SKILLED and SUCCESSFUL Staff of Certified Personal Trainers

Whether you are faculty, staff, or a student here at UW-L, you have the rare opportunity to train with knowledge, experienced, and talented Certified Personal Trainers. Unlike many fitness gurus these days, our Certified Personal Trainers don’t just “talk-the-talk” but can “walk-the walk” as well.  You can feel confident that our team of Certified Personal Trainers will help you achieve your fitness goals-whether they may be to lose weight, lose inches, gain strength, increase endurance, fire up your metabolism, or simply  work your way into strength training.

Regardless of your fitness level, the focused attention, knowledge, and hands-on experience our Certified Trainers possess will help you meet your fitness goals. Listed below are several forms of training the REC Strength Center has to offer:

          What to expect:

  • First, you will complete a questionnaire and have a 1-on-1 consultation with a Certified Trainer to identify your fitness objectives.

  • Based off of these objectives, your Certified Trainer will design an individualized program to maximize results.

  • Now the real work begins. Your Certified Trainer will introduce exercises, instruct proper technique, motivate, encourage, and challenge you throughout each session.

You will get out what you put into it!

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 In addition, make a point to determine your level of fitness, health status, and track your progress by utilizing the optional assessments/services the REC Strength Center and Student Health Center have to offer.

Flexible Payment Options
UW-L employees may select a monthly payroll deduction., students can add personal training charges to their student bill. We also accept cash or checks.