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What is REC2.0?

REC2.0 is a proposal to improve recreational services at UW-L by building an addition on to the REC.


Why do you need to build an addition?
Rec Sports currently serve 2,000 more students than when the building originally opened in 1997 and we have a very active student body with over 90% of students visiting the REC at least once a year.  A recent survey revealed that 92% of users experienced congestion that caused them to alter their work out.  The amount of space we are able to allocate for strength and cardio equipment is well under the nationally recommended guidelines.

Where would the addition go?
On the south west side of the building near the current locker rooms.

How big is the addition going to be?
If we built a 2 story addition, we could add about 30,000 SF.   You could almost fit three basketball courts side by side in a space this large.

What would go into the new addition?
The exact finishes and details will be decided with the help of architects and a planning committee that will have student representation.  However, we do have a general idea of what is needed and possible.  Survey results show us that the top 3 spaces students desire are
1) larger cardio room, 2) larger strength center and 3)  a multi-activity space to play activities like soccer, ultimate Frisbee and other throwing sports.

What would happen to the existing Strength Center?
This would be decided in conjunction with the team designing the new space.  Some ideas that have been expressed are;  groupX space, smoothie bar, expanded Outdoor Connection. 

How much will this cost?
Not much really.  Students currently are paying $54 per year to pay off the REC's existing bond.  In 2016 this bond will be paid off.  If students vote to build an addition, a new bond will cost approximately $68 per year, or a $14 increase per year.

When will the new fees start?
The payments for the new bond would begin when construction starts and that could be in 2016.

When would the addition open?
If the referendum passes on April 15, we could potentially open during the Fall of 2017.

What happens if the referendum doesn't pass?
The bond would be paid off in 2016 so student fees would be reduced by $54 and no improvements could be made to address overcrowding and congestion.

How will construction impact the current space?
There will be some disruption in services. However, we don't anticipate it to be very great and will develop schedules that will have the least amount of impact.


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