We are a hunter/jumper team that competes against other colleges in the region through the IHSA (Intercollegiate Horse Show Association). 

We travel all over Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and occasionally others to IHSA horse shows.  At the shows, we draw the name of a horse out of a hat, and we get to watch that horse ride around all day.  We don't really get any contact with our horse until it's time to ride.  We're judged on our equitation/horsemanship (how we look on the horse) and how well we can handle the horse that we draw.

The hunter/jumper team rides in both flat classes and over fences.  The flat classes are walk/trot and walk/trot/canter.  The walk/trot/canter is divided into five groups: beginner, advanced, novice, intermediate, and open. You need to qualify for the novice, intermediate, or open flat class in order to be able to jump.

The placings are given out 1st through 6th, and each placing is given a point value.

1st Place: 7 points                   4th Place: 3 points

2nd Place: 5 points                  5th Place: 2 points

3rd Place: 4 Points                   6th Place: 1 point

 Each rider accumulates points over the course of the year according to what placing they get at the shows.  When a rider earns a certain number of points, they are able to move on to the next division.  The points earned also count towards a trip to Regionals, Zones, and ultimately Nationals.

As a team we also accumulate points, although those are earned a little differently. There is one rider secretly selected from each division as the 'point rider'.  If the point rider gets first place, then 7 points are awarded to the team, if the point rider doesn't place, then the team gets no points. The points awarded to the point rider in each division are added up at the end of the show and determine the overall placing of the team.

We're a team that loves horses and loves to have fun, and if that sounds like something that interests you...contact us!


Our Practices are held on a weekly basis and riders are grouped according to skill level. As a team, we expect each rider to be committed to their riding and the team. It is also required that every member works chores at our barn 2 nights per month. Team members also have the opportunity to hack once a week.  It is not necessary to have your own transportation- we carpool to the barn and competitions!

We ride hard, we work hard, and we have a lot of fun!

Meeting Time

Meetings are held at the beginning of each school year and periodically throughout the semester. 

 Please contact Rachel Fenske (contact info below) if you would like more information or are interested in joining!

President Rachel Fenske fenske.rach@uwlax.edu
Vice President Morgan Bradley bradley.morg@uwlax.edu
Captain Christy Lowell christylowell90@gmail.com
Secretary Taylor McLean mclean.tayl@uwlax.edu
Treasurer Mandy Craven craven.aman@uwlax.edu
Social Chair Joanie Scholtz scholtz.joan@uwlax.edu
Coach Melissa Plemmons  

UWL is currently ranked 4th in the Region only points behind UW-Milwaukee, Notre Dame, and UW-Madison. 

2012-2013 Individual Results:

Regional Qualifiers
Morgan Bradley
Mandy Craven (WTC)
Rachel Fenske (Novice Flat)
Katie Larocco (WT)
Christy Lowell (Int. Flat)
Joanie Scholtz (Novice Flat)
Megan Volp (WT)

Zone Qualifiers
Morgan Bradley
Christy Lowell
Katie Larocco

National Qualifier
Morgan Bradley

 Katie, Morgan, & Christy at Zones 2013

2014 Fall Schedule
October 5 & 6 - @ UW-Madison

October 12 & 13 - @ Augustana College

October 26 & 27 - @ UW-Milwaukee

November 9 & 10 - @ Northwestern

Spring 2014 Schedule : TBD

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Photography By Team Members