UW-La Crosse Water Ski and Wakeboard Team

"We are the Skigles  Ka-Kawwww"

Do you love to be out on the boat, water ski, wakeboard, wakeskate, barefoot, or wakesurf? Do you dread the beginning of the school year because that means leaving your boat back home and cracking open the books?   Not anymore if you are a part of the UW-La Crosse Water Ski and Wakeboard Team!

Current Events:

The Water Ski team will be competing for the Division 1 National Championship on Oct. 18th-20th.  If you would like to support the 20 student members with their trip to Louisiana, please make a donation to the UW-L Waterski Team. 
Checks can be sent to:
UW-L Waterski
1725 State Street, 130 REC
La Crosse, WI 54601


We are a group of college students that just love being on the water.  We have everyone on the team from first timers just learning the ropes to some jumping 100+ feet, performing aerials and inverts, or skiing into shortline at 36 mph.  And don’t worry if you don’t have your own equipment, we have some just for you!  Everyone is out here because we love the water and being behind the boat.  We are all here to have a blast!


We are a member of the Midwest Collegiate Water Ski Association where we compete against all other University of Wisconsin schools, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Colorado, and Missouri schools.  The team is a competitive waterski and wakeboard team that competes in approximately 5 tournaments in the fall from the second weekend of school to the middle of October.  Then in the spring we compete in at least 3 more tournaments including hosting our own in New Germany, MN!  The tournaments are either a three event waterski tournament consisting of trick, jump, and slalom, or a wakeboard tournament.  Tournaments will consist of driving to wherever Friday after class, camping at the site Friday night, skiing/boarding all day Saturday, camping Saturday night, skiing/boarding Sunday morning and early afternoon, awards, and driving back Sunday late afternoon.  You’ll be back in plenty of time Sunday night to get the bookwork done.    

Where and When? 

Practices will happen each day at Air Port Beach on French Island.  This is on the Black River.  Practices are a come if you can atmosphere and the boat will be out on the water from about 2pm until dusk Monday thru Thursday.  Fridays we head to our tournaments which go thru Sunday.  We all car pool out to the beach, so don’t worry if you don’t have a car.  And the best part of practice is skiing or wakeboarding behind the sweet Malibu Response TXI!

Due will usually be around $200 for the year along with becoming a member of the USA Waterski Association by getting their USA Waterski Insurance which is $45.  These dues are significantly lower than other schools where you will have to pay per pull you get behind the boat. 


More like why not!  Who wouldn’t want to go out skiing, wakeboarding, or wakeskating in September while everyone else is going to Murphy to study?  Or go camping on the weekends next to the water and ski or board all weekend long?  Not a hard question.


President: Sam Verhagen                       email: verhagen.sama@uwlax.edu
Vice President: Kellen Dorff                            email: dorff.kell@uwlax.edu
Treasurer: Steve Basten
Men's Captain: Andrew Armington
Women's Captain: Jenn King
Boat Managers: Trevor Vandehey & Colton King
Apparel Coordinator: Kelsey Lorenz

Contact Person: Sam Verhagen             email:     verhagen.sama@uwlax.edu

Wakerski Resources:

             USA Waterski

             Midwest Collegiate Water Ski Association  

UW-La Crosse is currently ranked 6th in the nation on USA Waterski 2013 Division 1 Ski Year Rankings.
Fall 2011 Events Event Place Results
September 8-9 Hawkeye Skifest 1st Place Results
September 15-16 Skigle Swervefest 1st Place Results
September 22-23 Great Plains Conference Championship 1st Place Results
October 29-30 Midwest Regional Championship 1st Place Results
October 18-20 Collegiate Nationals   TBD
Bob Anderson Cobi Krumholz  
Mark Aschenbrenner Andrew Armington  
Kindra Grossmeier Sam Verhagen  
Joe Marek Austin Omelina  
Claire Oslund Derek Hedtke  
Kellen Dorff Hailey Haxton  
Steve Basten Trevor Vandehey  
Colton King Quenten Fisher  
Jenn King Ethan Lindeman  
Jemma Wahl Jenny Kaldor  
Kelsey Lorenz Jenni Kovac  
Sam Wiedemer Liz Carson  
Anna Atwater Jordyn Wolhoefer  
Rachael Tubbs Maybe You?