Strength Center

A recent reorganization of the strength centers on campus, has turned the REC into the centralized workout facility for students, faculty and staff.

This reorganization eliminates the need for Students or REC members to purchase an additional membership to use the Strength Center. The REC's segregated fee provides access to the entire building!

Anticipating a significant increase in participation the strength center has undergone a facelift and expansion over the summer. New equipment has been added and the room received a "facelift" that entailed painting the walls, machines and racks, installing a new ceiling and adding 5 new flat screen TVs.

To maximize space, nearly all of the cardio equipment was moved out of the Strength Center and placed throughout the REC as part of the expansion phase of the project.

The upper level track now has 5 areas for strength / fitness training.

1)  A new Abs and Core area with a functional trainer
2)  A new strength training circuit
3)  An expanded cardio area with 25 elliptical machines
4)  A treadmill area with new 8 new Woodway curves
5) A multi-station strength trainer

In addition to the new look and additional equipment the Strength Center will  provide more programming opportunities through individualized and partner personal training, fitness reviews, and fitness assessments.

The Strength Center is complete with Olympic lifting platforms, racks, bumper plates , the Olympic lifting areas are monitored, controlled space where students who meet specific criteria may perform Olympic-style lifts. click here to learn how to get access to them

Hours (when school is in session)
Mon-Thur 6am - 11pm
Fri. 6am - 7pm
Sat. 10am - 7pm
Sun. 12pm - 11pm

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