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Student Development Opportunity Applying For (check all that apply)

WIRSA State Workshop    Date      start date  - end date (month/day/year)
Student Lead-On    Date    start date  - end date (month/day/year)
NIRSA National Conference    Date    start date  - end date (month/day/year)
Officials Clinic/Tournament     Date   start date  - end date (month/day/year)
Other      Date  start date  - end date (month/day/year)

Scholarship Agreement

All applicants are responsible for reading the Student Development Scholarship Information Sheet. By checking the box below, applicant is indicating that information sheet has been read and understood.


Yes, I have read the Student Development Scholarship Information Sheet and agree to abide by all terms and meet the application requirements.

Additional Information

To complete application process, the following additional items must be submitted
electronically as an e-mail attachment to mcalpine.maur@uwlax.edu

Materials must be RECEIVED no later than 30 days prior to event.

1.  Current resume.

2.  On a separate sheet of paper, provide the following information:
a.  Itemized budget to include registration fee, travel mode and cost, lodging and meal fees.
b.  List your student development opportunities experienced on your campus, in your
     community, and at the state, regional, and/or national level.
c.  List and explain your leadership experiences.
d.  Do you currently work in your campus recreational sports program?  If yes and
     information is listed on your resume, indicate "see resume".  If not indicated on resume,
     please list and explain your work capacity in recreational sports on your campus.
e.  In 250 words or less, briefly explain how you became involved in the field of recreational
     sports, what your current level of involvement is, and the benefits you derive from your
f.  In 250 words or less, briefly explain what benefits you will gain from the student
    development opportunity applied for, what unique qualities you will bring to the experience
    that will benefit others in attendance, and how you will share your new knowledge with
    your campus upon return from your experience.
Director/Chair Contact Information
Please provide the following contact information for the Director of Recreational Sports or Department Chair at your institution.  This person may be contacted to verify that the eligibility requirements listed below have been met:

1.  Enrolled as undergraduate or graduate student or completing internship at a Wisconsin institution during the academic term for which funds are received. 

2.  Employed by the campus recreational sports program at current institution and/or enrolled in a degree program studying recreation or a related field, OR    

 3.  Serve as committee member for campus recreation-related committee.
Recommendation Form
Please have a supervisor (if work-related application) or instructor (if academic-related application) complete and submit one recommendation form on specific WIRSA Student Development Scholarship Recommendation Form.   Form must be RECEIVED no later than 30 days prior to event.
Thank You
Thank you for your application to the WIRSA Student Development Scholarship.  You will receive electronic notification of scholarship winners upon completion of the selection process.  Please refer to WIRSA Student Development Scholarship Information Sheet for additional information.  Direct further inquiries to:  Mo McAlpine, WIRSA Scholarship Committee Chair, 608-785-8698,mcalpine.maur@uwlax.edu.  All materials must be RECEIVED NO LATER than 30 days prior to event.